Best Air Fryers: An Ultimate Guide for Consumers

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In recent years new genres of appliances– air fryers have proudly found their place on the shelves of different stores. As to promise of cook crispy yet juicy foods, despite all the unhealthy fats, they are just too good to be accurate.
To guide you invest wisely, we have reviewed a wide section of these cooking appliances, and have compiled a list of 5 best air fryers for 2018, to assist you to make a selection when picking one.
Qualities we’ve looked at is included their size, timer, temperature level, safety features, capacity, ability to fry food properly or not, ease of use, functionality, and price.
So, are you ready to throw away your conventional deep fryer and still enjoy the same taste fried meals at home? Take a look at our reviews- hopefully; you can get your desire product here.

How Air Fryer Works

An air fryer uses heat to make food more delicious. They are not depending on oil to make properly cooked food rather use traditional heating to circulate the hot air within the food and appliances so that it cooks fat-free and quickly. Also, the air circulation helps to make the food more evenly.
Usually, a countdown timer attached with the fryer to alarm when the food is ready. Once the time is up, machine turns off and goes to the standby mood. After that, you can remove the basket safely from the machine and serve the food.

Which Air Fryer Is The Best?

Air fryers come in various features, interfaces, and sizes from all the popular kitchen appliance brands you had to expect and some you do not as well. Well, we’ll keep it simple and fill our list with a need to know details, so your brain doesn’t get tired. Have a look at them,

#5 Philips XL Air Fryer

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As to exposes your culinary skill to the world, take this Philips XL Air Fryer into your kitchen. This was far better than any other machine at cooking evenly from one end of the basket to the other. Foods came out same crispy and delicious as deep fryers made, especially the fries. Plus, significantly uses fewer calories and oil than the original counterpart. Apparently, this was provoked crave of many food loving people, especially who don’t have enough time and energy to deep fry or those who love to eat healthy food. If you’re searching for an air fryer, it’s obvious that you are one of those, and try to find out an air fryer that works for you.


The Philips XL Air Fryer is very big in size and has a sleek appearance. The dimension of this air fryer is 16.6 x 12.4 x 11.9 inches and ship at 18.47 pounds. It’s come with a good looking black combination and bottom part slides out to disclose the food basket to whatever you like to put inside.
Also, the starfish design makes the air fryer design an important one. This design circulates the air nicely to deliver a healthier result. Fried foods come out crunchy on the outside and remain moist and tender in inside. This is an obtained design for Philips XL Air Fryer, and it said that it cooks food more quickly and evenly manner.
Different Setting Options
Intentionally this item is not only marketed for just air frying. It also has the capacity to bake, roast, grill, and steam based on your demand of how you want to use it. Also, this model comes with an extensive recipe book over 150 recipes that deliver an inspiration for foods.

Digital Touch Screen

Another cool thing about this model is the interface on this air fryer. Also, it has many multiple setting to help you out. To maintain the temperature the air fryer can be programmed up to 390°F. Also, a timer of up to 60 minutes includes with it which will notify you the cook and shut-off automatically. The digital screen also has many preset options, which allow you to cook your same favorite dish frequently.

What I Appreciate

  • Build and design quality is just standout
  • All things can do with this single one– fries, grill, roast, and bake
  • Over 150 recipe book included with this model
  • Food came out more crispy and quickly

What I Don’t Appreciate

  • There is a learning curve but the overall unit is easy to pick

#4 GoWISE USA 5.8-Quarts 8-in-1 Electric XL Air Fryer

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It you’re want to own an air fryer or pressure cooker, you might hear the name of GoWISE USA.  The principle of this company is making all eco-friendly products which initially save your valuable time and improve your lifestyle and health. The GoWISE USA 5.8-Quarts 8-in-1 Electric XL Air Fryer is one of their new air fryers in the market today. It’s intended to allow to people take pleasures of fried food while looking their calories. If I make no mistake, this air fryer is simply a beast.

Incredible 8 Preset Setting

Enjoy the modern GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Electric XL Air Fryer which has digital convenient options for developed operating approaches. It has included with pre-set programs for improved high-quality cooking techniques. More precisely, this fryer offers 8 pre-set options so your fish and chips are only one touch away. You can make your desire fries in it as if it might be a large area to heat for one item even that you can cook in this fryer with less cost. With digital touch screen its super easy to use and has pre-set temperature and times for all the 8 foods it mentions. You can cook pork, fries/chips, steak, pizza, shrimp, cake, chicken, and fish with a little effort from your part.

Large Temperature Range

We are talking about a wide temperature range of this fryer from 180-400°F. Also, this XL Air Fryer comes with a timer that allows you to set the cooking time up to 30 minutes. Fortunately, you don’t have to know how long need to cook your desired item in this fryer. Simply you just press the button for that food and use the time it gives. More importantly, do not forget to shake with your new inbuilt alarm which reminds you to shake your foods in 5, 10, and 15 minutes increments.

Easy Food Transfer

GoWISE air fryers are designed with a detachable basket and removable pan.  The baskets of this fryer allow you to flip and shake the food in the middle of the cooking program. The handle of the basket is cool-to-touch and makes the food very easy to transfer to the serving dish.

What I Appreciate

  • Sleek and modern interface
  • Enjoy your favorite food with less oil
  • 50 recipes included in a booklet
  • Has 8 pre-set setting
  • Free from PFOA coating


What I Don’t Appreciate

  • The user manual is not included
  • Little bit expensive


#3 VonShef Air Fryer 1400W


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Are you searching for a fryer that uses little or no oil, grill and roast items without compromising the taste? Then the VonShef Air Fryer 1400W is a perfect solution for you. If you are researching air fryers for a few times, so you already know the name of VonShef. A revolutionary and modern technology incorporates in it to make outstanding dishes within no time. Manufacturers exclusively make this air fryer for food lovers who fail to achieve slim figure or lose weight.

Healthy and Hygienic

Whenever people plan something on purchasing air fryer, always one thing comes in mind first and that is a healthy and hygienic concept. In recent years, air fryers are used as common appliances for your kitchen even a few years ago it’s not the case. Back then, people who love to be fit and healthy or lose weight, only they buy air fryers. If you find yourself in those categories who buy air fryer to be fit and healthy, then it’s a great thing you should go for.

Large Cooking Capacity

Nowadays, many restaurants are beganing to using this air fryer in their cooking. The excellent part of this one is can cook large batches of food at once with help of this VonShef model.

With positive quality, there are some negative things too about this large capacity. Even though the capacity is large enough, you cannot cook more than one dish at once as this model doesn’t offer any separate capsule inside. Even so, if you like to cook something a lot, this is the option you can go for. This one is for families with lots of members.

Easy to Use

The VonShef fryer is programmed with temperature control feature which range is up to 175 – 390°F. Also, an adjustable thermostat temperature controls ensure you to customize the temperature at which you want to cook your food. The air circulates in the fryer in such a way that helps food to get done in a more evenly way.

Again, the fryer has equipped with 60 minutes timer with auto shut-off feature. Meaning you can pre-plan and leave the fryer alone. Also, you don’t need to be babysitting with your fryer all the day long. Additionally, an air filter integrated with this model which can remove any remaining odors in your kitchen.

What I Appreciate

  • Superb versatile fryer
  • It’s looks very sophisticated and stylish
  • Food cooks in a healthy way with low calories
  • The taste of food like conventional fries

What I Don’t Appreciate

  • Not equipped any recipe book
  • Some consumers find it noisy

#2 T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Air Fryer

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If you like fried food and want to try fry foods in a healthy way, the T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Air Fryer is an excellent choice. This air fryer is one of the bestselling models in the air fryer industry range. It’s a Gourmet edition of innovative small kitchen appliances which assure to fry and cook foods with use of little oil. Simply, it is a great alternative to produces much healthier cooked food than a conventional deep fryer.

Hot Air Technology

The hot air system extends the pulses of heat to make the best use of the circulation of hot air when cooking foods. Compare to the other brands of air fryer, this one always cooks food exactly at the same level of temperature to assure you cooking of the food more evenly. It uses the stirring paddle in order to cook food with help of various cooking times. Only one tablespoon of oil is required to cook the food. However, it can work on different types of foods to make tasty snacks.

Minimal Use of Oil

A precision spoon included with this ActiFry to measure the exact amount of oil. Some types of food recipes do not require any oil to make food healthy. In comparison to the deep fryer, this one needs less use of oil. To make the food delicious and tasty use some flavor of foods into it.

Easy To Clean

The pan of the air fryer uses the ceramic coating to remain food away from the sticking to the inside of the pan. It makes it easy to clean and can get enough food for any plate. People who don’t have any spare of time for cleaning after cooking this air fryer is best for them.  All the parts of it are completely removable and placed to the dishwasher t makes cleaning more easily.

Digital Timer

A digital timer is intended to show how much time is remaining for cooking. The timer can be set up to 99 minutes to handle any cooking times. The on and off switch make the work easy to control. The temperature always keeps the air fryer at a constant place while cooking. Also, keeps the temperature of 338°F to maintain the hot air flowing through the air fryer.

What I Appreciat

  • Require a tablespoon of oil for cooking
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • A well-designed recipe book is included in it
  • The stirring paddle allows to cook food more evenly
  • It’s dishwasher safe

What I Don’t Appreciate

  • Difficult to bake in it due to the hole in the middle
  • The Risk is liquid of the food can leak


#1 Avalon Bay 100B Air Fryer

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Avalon Bay 100B air fryer introduces an end to countertop clutter by blending the quality of different application into one. Importantly, it created healthy and hygienic foods without minimizing the taste. Also, it let you roast, bake, and even grill without the oil required for traditional deep fryers. As it does not use much oil so initially, it reduces calories which are good for your overall health. When you add the Avalon Bay 100B air fryer in your kitchen, you simply add the healthy, deluxe, and innovative one ever.

Fast Air Circulation

One of the standouts features incorporated into the Avalon Bay 100B. This technology helps to cook food quickly. Actually, hot air surrounded with the food which is balanced with the temperature. This is what can able to make a large variety of food items such as French fries, fried chicken, and bread item with maintaining the consistency.

Metallic Basket

Considering the size of this fryer is a bit smaller than that of other counterpart models where you can get a large space available with the metal rack. This metallic basket allows you to cook 2 layers of food nicely. In the end, you are able to get double fried food. Additionally, this air fryer offers you a non-sticky baking dish in order to help you to utilize the fryer as your baking need.

Temperature and Timer Control

Getting the perfectionist quality food set the temperature at 180-400°F. Even this amazing one has come with a host of a preset built-in timer, so you don’t need to think about switching while you have work pressure. No matter what kind of food you want to cook, this fantastic one can do it for you.

To help you, even more it integrated with 30 minutes timer. Meaning, it’ll go in standby mood as the timer finishes hence you keep on eye all the time.


Avalon Bay 100B introduces to the lower risk compared to the standard deep fryer that requires dipping food in boiling oil. They are known to the major causes of home accidents. Deep frying is one of the riskiest jobs as it involves a large amount of oil in boiling temperature. Hence, air fryer requires no or less oil so it’s less risky to use.

What I Appreciate

  • Includes a baking dish
  • A broad range of temperature between 180-400 °F
  • Has various cooking options
  • Less expensive

What I Don’t Appreciate

  • Consumers have mixed feeling about non-stick coating that it might peels off A little bit hard to clean

Air Fryer–Buyers Guide

What to Look For While Buying An Air Fryer?

Technic of Cooking

When an air fryer use less than a tablespoon of oil if it effects on the crispness? A common and major feature of air fryer is Rapid Air Circulation Technique. It helps to circulate the hot air around the food in more evenly way, as a result, healthy food comes out. In a similar way, the basket works like a traditional fryer. Food in it might need to shaking or distribute the heat properly for better cooking results.

However, many brands now come out advanced features like paddles which redistribute the food in their own way. This method helps to cove food properly also protect your food from burning.

Capacity and Unit Size

The features capacity and unit size actually vary from compact to XL (extra-large). The size of the unit does not always hold the same amount. On the contrary, capacity calculates the amount of food the fryer can hold.

The number of people and size of the family needs to consider before buying. If you’re planning to cook for 1-2 people, it’s clever to invest in models with smaller capacity. In the large one can make 3-4 and XL size allows you to cook more than 6 people. The capacity of air fryer ranges from 1-10.5 quarts that can easily handle roasts and chickens.

Temperature Setting

Most models of air fryer give temperature range from 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit. And other have large ranges with small adjustable increments for proper temperature setting.

As foods and meats require different temperature setting, so need to make sure that the unit is equipped with adjustable temperature levels.

Timer & Alarm

Especially in a busy household, a timer can protect food from burning. Air fryers include with either analog or digital timer. The standard fryer offers 30 minutes of cooking time. Digital one can tend to provides more cooking options and precision. But analog controls can be easier to use and may be more applicable to meet your demands.

Also, an alarm system is another major feature for air fryer. This will keep your machine damage-free, safe, and protect your food from overheating.


Make sure you consider the price point of an air fryer. You do not need to invest in such appliances which you use very often. If you want a fryer for everyday use, an expensive model offers you lots of cooking options and robust also. If you want to use it for basis only, then the cheap model can be ideal for you.

Actually, additional features make the fryer more costly. So, choose the features that are essential for cooking needs.


All the air fryers are good alternatives to traditional since they don’t use much oil to cook food. Are you conscious of how much fat you consume, and then it’s the perfect time to get these appliances?

If you buy a good fryer, it’ll come with lots of cooking options and thus minimizes the use of other appliances. It’s very easy to cook, minimizes the calories and fats from your roast, grill, and fried foods.

Above mention, all the fryers are great in their games and provide good cooking options. Actually, it’s very hard to say which fryer is best so you can consider any of these for your family.

Hopefully, our guide of best air fryer of 2019 is helped you make up mind whether or not purchase one.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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