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Top 5 Best Alkaline Water Pitchers in 2020 Reviews

Having entrance to a clean and safe water source is one of the basic needs of human life. But do you have any idea how much clean the water reaches your faucet is?

In our article, we introduced the best alkaline water pitches currently available on the market in 2019. We also make clear why it’s better to have filtered water instead of bottled water.

We also prepared some alkaline water pitcher reviews to look at. All the models are presented are better than an average water filter and some of them are actually the best models you’ll find.

You want a good alkaline water pitcher, but don’t know which to choose? So, you come to the right place. We’re confident enough that our alkaline water filter pitcher reviews and buying guide will help you make an informed decision on which one is good for your household.


What is a Best Alkaline Water Pitcher?         

Alkaline filter water pitchers are self-contained, fully operating water filters that deliver clean alkaline drinking water. This pitcher will refine your water by destroying pollutants such as pesticides, heavy metal etc. In the meantime, it’ll also transfer your tap water into rich mineral alkaline water. Surprisingly, the taste of water is awesome; thereby it’ll improve the flavor of cooking, tea or coffee.

In lower pH, water contains fewer particles which can resist the actual taste of the tea or coffee. Additional, advantage of lower pH is claimed to be a health benefit. From different studies, it’s stated that having increased level of alkaline will produce more oxygenated water in your body.

Fortunately, better water filter will also offer you a lower Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP). Actually, it helps to promote the healthy cell growth.


List of  Top 5 Best Alkaline Water Pitchers in 2020 Reviews

#5 EHM ULTRA Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher–3.5L Pitcher with 6- Stage Filtration

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In today’s word, everyone is trying to improve their living standard and when it concerns to water, not a single people compromise the quality and standard. In EHM ULTRA Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher, most developed carbon activated water pitcher is used to delivering our consumers clean, fresh, healthy water for household use.

Amazing Filtration Cartridge

Filtered alkaline ionized water pitcher is built with the high-end filter cartridge. It’ll help to purify water via 6 multiple layers with an incomparable receptivity of 300L per filter cartridge. Unlike other pitcher systems, this EHM ULTRA Premium’s features are more technically sound. An excellent Sureflow cartridge was manufactured by EHM and that is used in this pitcher. Compare to its predecessors, it has come up with a faster flow rate.

As they are advertised the 6 stage filtration cartridge in which, they mainly use 2 filtration and 1 remineralization media.

  1. Nano-metal clusters filtration media will eliminate the heavy metal ions and micro-organism progress, take aside chlorine, and minimize the organic pollutants.
  2. Activated Carbon Core Filtration Media will protect water from bad odor and taste.
  3. Tourmaline ceramic remineralization media will helps to filtered water with negative ions. At the same time, it increases the pH level of water to a range of 8.5 to 10 with some essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, anti-oxidant, and potassium.


This pitcher stands at 3.5liters which actually provides you with 2 liters of filtered water. Its equal a little bit more than ½ gallons and a decent amount for any household work. If any person drinks 3 liters per day, then it can last more than 3 months approximately. Even though the filter is said to survive for 300 liters, it’s good also you can say recommended to change it every 50-60 days. Just take aside the tension of replacing the filter every few weeks!


Despite getting every time a new plastic bottle, simply you can refill your water bottle from your pitcher. No matter if you’re going to a gym or work, just take your bottle and enjoy the supply of pure, clean and hygienic mineralized water. In this way, you can stay fit and can play an important role to minimize the disposal of plastic in the environment.


  • Great increase level of pH in water
  • Enhance minerals in the water
  • Longer lifespan of a filter cartridge
  • Excellent water taste
  • Convenient size for family water


  • Not made in the USA
  • Lids need some improvements



 #4  DRAGONN pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher– 3.5L Pitcher with 7- Stage Filtration

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Having alkalinized and ionized water is necessary for any family and with DRAGONN Alkaline pH RESTORE Water Pitcher you’ll get exactly that. The jug truly resemblance its name as you surely notice an enhancement of at least 20% more alkaline in your water. Along with the rising capacity, it also comes with LED indicator and 7-stage filtration to the table, to make it superior compare to it’s in line pitchers.

Fresh and Instantly Filtered

You will simply love the 7-stage filtration process of DRAGONN. Using multiple stage shell is consisting of mineral balls, tourmaline, carbon, and resin. All add to filter– removing significant metals, odors, and chlorine. Eliminating of lead, copper, zinc, and other contaminants & pollutants help to create surprisingly fresh alkaline drink water. While the water passed through the ceramics and natural stones in the filter shell, the structure of water becomes change into molecules, even than smaller into semi- molecules. This process helps to absorb the water easily.

Even drinking the alkaline water take out the free radicals, pH level increase, and remove the toxins. It also has negative ORP to increase your energy level and antibodies.


The unique style slim pitcher has a maximum filtered water capacity of 3.5 liters. This is a superb size for a family and for most of the people who don’t like to refill the pitcher frequently during the day. Its easy-to-fill up lid permits you to full the pitcher without taking off the lid. Even the easy spout confirms the acurate pour of water without any mess. We also like the ergonomic handle design, making it handy to use even while it’s full. Both of the pitcher and lid made with premium BPA free food grade and ABS materials. So, don’t worry about the health risk. Despite the large size, this DRAGONN model can fit in most of the refrigerators with ease.

Longevity of Filter

The filter cartridges have a minimum filtered capacity of 120 gallons. Depending on your level of usages, one cartridge may last approximately about 60 days. Although the filter may not last for a long time, surely they do an excellent job at increase you water pH level compare to the other models. Remember before using new cartridge; remove the shipping sticker at the bottom of it.


  • Great ergonomic design
  • Rising rate of pH is very good
  • A large capacity of pitcher
  • Slim pitcher fits in most refrigerator
  • A great 7-stage filtration system


  • Some users complain about clogging on the pitcher
  • Can’t block fluoride



#3  PH RECHARGE 3F Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

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The PH RECHARGE 3F Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine seems an ultimate one which will protect your health up to 100% by removing heavy metals and harmful toxins from water such as chlorine and its taste. While balancing the pH levels of your body, it increases metabolism to help you maintain a sound weight. If you’re hind enough that don’t compromise with quality, then this is the machine what you searching for.

Technically Sound Filter

A super-quicker and different stages filtration process will offer you an excellent result and ensure enough water refinement. This purifier machine employs PH001-a multistage filter built from ceramic ball blend, stone, micro nets, zeolite, activated coconut charcoal, and ion exchange resin. This machine uses the micro nets in order the removal of pollutants and unwanted fragments in the tap water. Also ceramic balls and stone have imputed into the unit to deliver a fast operation.

Additionally, this alkaline machine enhances the ORP and pH levels of water. Hence, the water also passes via a remineralization media which presents hygienic minerals for instance selenium and calcium in order to make water healthier. In this way, the purification machine removes the entire harmful chemical from water including fluorine, chlorine, VOC’s, and chloramines. The ionized also used in it to resistant the blooming of bacteria.

Improve Health Condition

While its concern about health, this machine doing a perfect job to offer safe and hygienic water. As this machine can purify leads and arsenic that are present in the plenty of tap water, thereby giving it a more natural taste. Powerful anti-oxidant will be added to your household water that not only enhances your immunity but also helps to boost your energy levels. Of all, a most important advantage of this water is that it’ll reduce the volume of acid in the water. This benefit not only helps to reduce your acidity but also slow down the aging process.

Modern Design

Modern convenient design and large filter capacity make it the better option out of the remaining. Over 4500 cups of water from this single filter you can easily get. Without moving the entire unit, you can pour the water by simply lifting the lid. Actually, the modern design makes it an ultimate convenient machine to use. Additionally, a filter replacement indication will tell you whenever the filter replacement is needed.


  • Remove all odor, color, and unwanted particles
  • Boosts a large capacity
  • Advanced space saver design
  • Great filtration system
  • Delicious water taste


  • Quite bulky
  • Lids quality needs to improve

 #2 The Alkaline Water Pitcher– 2.5 Liters

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Now get the fresh and crisp natural taste Alkaline water at tips with the pitcher. It’s known as the “best seller” water pitchers which can portable for everyday use. While you want to drink alkaline water, the   Alkaline Water Pitcher is a great choice to pick. It reduces the amount of water of molecules; thereby enhance the rate of its absorption. Perhaps this is the cause, why a majority of consumers want to own this alkaline water pitcher from Lake Industries.

7-stage Filter Cartridge

As the model is from Lake Industries’ ensures 7-stage conditioning of the water. It utilizes a tourmaline, carbon, an ion exchange resin, and mineral balls. These steps are work all together to deliver a great taste of water which is supremely purified of chlorine and heavy metals like lead, zinc, and copper. It also improves with anti-oxidant, which enhance immunity as well as energy levels. Additionally, this pitcher introduces a high-end system which receives liberty from the free toxins and radicals all credit goes to the powerful anti-oxidants and negative ORP.

Convenient Design

A well-built slim design will help to fits in any refrigerators. It comprise with a handy to fill lid that will open by its own, an easy open spout and, a cozy ergonomic handle. It can contain 10 cups of safe, refined water capacity of 2.5 liters. Also, it’s BPA free so you can enjoy the alkaline advantages in your drinking water. Only a feature this pitcher lack is the life indication.

Enhance the PH Level

The filter also enhances the pH level of water to make it more alkaline. Alkaline water is considered as a healthier by many people. Also, it comes with a decent lifespan and will last for about 2 months of use. Though the lifespan might seem lower, while comparing to the other filters.


  • Raise the pH level of water
  • 7-stage filtration system
  • BPA free construction makes it safe for human use
  • Can use for coffee and tea also


  • It has a small capacity
  • Bit poor lid construction


#1 Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

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The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is undoubtedly one of the popular pitcher brands on the current market. A wide range of people chooses this product despite its high price point because of its assurances and effectiveness of filtering tap water. Since it’s tested rigorously by many organizations and has passed out the strict standard of NSF & other well-known organizations for reducing water containment. So, if you’ve got a hefty budget and want a filtration system that has all bells and whistles, we recommend Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher to check out.

Quality Filter Design

First and foremost, the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher developed with health and sustainability in mind. As the filter built in the U.S, and BPA-free 100%, this model is an eco-friendly way to drink healthier water. Not just this, it’s made of FDA approved food group materials, is 100% vegan and recyclable. So you can rest assured that your health is guaranteed while using this filter.

Highly Efficient

With an ability to remove 2000% more containment from your tap water than leading water filter pitcher providers, the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is one of the most excellent filtration systems on the market today. The triple capacity can reduce containments approximately 150 gallons of water each, meaning they may last more than 3-4 minutes than industry leaders.

Through this water has been contaminated with lead, fluoride, mercury, chromium 6, chlorine, VOCs, chloramines as well as other 89 common containments found in the tap water across the world. Thanks to the 5-stage with 2 micro pores, this system will filter chemicals and leave you with a healthy trace of minerals like magnesium and calcium. In this way it’s delivered a drinking water that is clean and tasty.

Impeccable Customer Support

One of the good things about the Aquagear filter offers an impeccable customer support. Stating that they will replace the damage filters due to defects without paying you money.


[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Free replaceable the defective pitcher
  • BPA free and recyclable
  • Long life filters
  • Remove 2000% containment from water
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Small pitcher for family size
  • No indication of change filter
  • A little bit expensive

Buyer’s Guide

Features you should look For in An Alkaline Water Pitcher

It’s not an as much hard job to find out the great alkaline water filter pitcher in the market. Let’s take a view at the criteria to pick a good pitcher,


Most of the jugs are made with plastic that provides you the ultimate lightweightness and affordability. Actually, not all the plastic are manufactured in the same way. Low quality plastics can be harmful to health, as you might be aware of it. So, always look for BPA free materials. Though it’ not fully safe, but still a better way to avoid more toxins from the pitcher than you do from the unpurified water.

Longevity of Filter

Water filter jugs installation becomes a piece of cake. Not every people like to take a hobby to change coconut carbon filtrate on every day.

A good pitcher not requires changing the filter more often than 2 months. The ideal longevity is four to six months. If you never change or clean anything, however, you need to check carefully.


If you’re a family or only a sole member, never mind checking how much water the pitcher can deliver at on go.

If you are hard-working people and still you get enough water for 5 persons with a 5 cup jug to drink, 10 cups of one will protect your more time and inconvenience. A large size means you don’t need to frequently refill the jug and wait for it to work. Sometimes a few minutes sound like a lot, however, it actually feels like an hour if you have to wait in the kitchen.

Easy To Use & Cleaning

Ease of use is something you look in an alkaline water pitcher. Avoid the complex design and enjoy the hassle-free experience. A good unit comes with basic, function in straight manner, and don’t require much cleaning and maintenance. A simple design water pitcher has little of corners, tubes so you can wash it easily.

Filter Replacement Gauge

A gauge will indicate that their present filter is not filtering anymore. Since you may not remember the last time you replace the gauge or how many gallons you filtered with it, this feature hss come as handy.

Style and Size

If you keep the filter out on the corner, then the style definitely be a considering factor. People also have diverse taste and color preference. Understand your home interior, choice of preferences, and pick the latest trendy pitcher.

Many have a slim design and can easily fit into the refrigerator. But you don’t need to know the dimension to be sure.


At the end of the day, we always choose what is within our budget. Alkaline water pitchers are tending to be cheaper than the alkaline filters. The prices of some are quite decent and affordable. So, choose the price that will be comfortable for you. Also, determine the how much you love to spend on a water pitcher.


Health Benefits of Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

As drinking fitter water has lots of beneficial quality, here are highlighted just a few of them,

Better Taste Quality: Are you taste tap water ever which has a smell of metal after taste? It’s also known as hard water and as many as 85% U.S household can influence with it. Essentially, taste is superior; while your water tastes better you’ll drink more.

Make Your Body More efficient: To maintain a good pH level, our body really works heart and soul. While we’re stressed, tired or eat poorly, our body becomes more acidic. In this case, our body needs to work like double or sometimes it pull alkalizes minerals from tissues and bones. So, more eating alkaline food and water can maintain a healthy pH in our body.

Destroy Toxin Particles: Having contaminated water is dangerous. Based on our water source, it can comprise bacteria, animal waste, chemical, and other toxins as well. In developed countries drinking safe water is mandatory but, you really know what is in your water until you tasted it. So, it’s better to be on the safe side by setting a water filtration system. A water filtration is the easiest way to assure clean drinking water.

Reason to Absorb More Water: Having enough alkaline water is essential to keeps you hydrate. Drinking sufficient water helps you to think clearly and calmly, adjust your body temperature, and reduce fatigue.

Eco-Friendly: Despite purchasing bottled water, is much better to make your own filter water. Also, some plastic bottles used for storing water that might be harmful to your health. Most importantly, who wants all those plastic bottles filling up our landfill?


Alkaline water filter pitchers offer a simple and economical solution to purify your drinking water. No matter you drink water from the municipal pipes or wells, the water reaches your tube is not as safe as you think.

The pitchers we presented are not only enhancing your drinking water’s taste and odor but also improve your overall well-being. So what are you waiting for, start protecting of your family with one of the 5 best alkaline water filter pitchers we recommended.

We are sure that after reading our alkaline water pitcher reviews and buying guide, you’ll determine which one is the best alkaline water pitcher for your home.

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