Top 5 Best Baby Bicycle Seats in 2020

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A greater portion of people loves riding a bicycle in their spare time. Since they have children, they put their hobbies aside because of kid’s safety. If your reason is similar, you don’t need to come in such a conclusion. Because bicycle seats are flawless in terms of securing kids journey.

Bringing your child along your escapade is an excellent way to share bonding. Simply go riding at the park with your little passenger is an even more delightful experience. However, you can do it exactly by having a baby bicycle seat joined to your bicycle.

Ohh! This does not mean any random brands can serve your kid well. As to get the best result, look for something durable, secure, and comfortable products, for instance, the 5 Best Baby Bicycle Seats Reviews in 2018 we have compiled. These are recommended to use with most of the bicycle types.

Different Kinds of Baby Bicycle Seat

Actually, there are 3 types of bicycle seats available on the market. Each of styles has their own beneficial parts along with cons. So, before you engage on your mission to find the suitable bicycle seat for your child, have a look at the types.


Fixing Position: Need to mounts at the front of the bicycle and attach near the handlebars.


  • Easy to assemble and remove
  • Lightweight and small
  • A better way to interact with your baby
  • The child can enjoy the view

Need to Know

  • Difficult steering and padding
  • No recline and suspension facilities
  • Limited lifespan

Rear Frame-Mount

Fixing Position: Mounts to the bicycle’s frame and fix it right on the bike’s seat post.


  • No need to buy a rack
  • Large seat with a recline facility
  • Better suspension

Need to Know

  • Can’t keep your eye on your kid
  • Not compatible with all bicycles

Rear Rack-Mount

Fixing Position: Mount onto the rack placed over the back tire.


  • Easy to remove
  • Kids are more secure from dust

Need to Know

  • Ensure the weight capacity of your rack
  • Typically no recline and suspension incorporates

List Of 5 Best Baby Bicycle Seats Reviews in 2020

The world of online is loaded with an infinite number of models from different manufacturers. Making an informed choice may seem confusing, but if you use the information that I have given may help you to make your choice easily. Meanwhile, give a closer look at our products below,

5. Lixada Bicycle Baby Seat

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Age Range: Not Specified

Mount Type: Front–Mounted

Looking to offer your little passenger a bicycle adventures without breaking the bank? The Lixada Bicycle Baby Seat is a great front-mounted option for a reasonable price than some other models. Even you do not need to tense about the plainness of this baby bicycle seat. Because the quality will assure you secure and comfortable journey so without any worry you can buy this model. Plus, its well-constructed design allows parents to share a nice bonding with their child since enjoying their all squeals and giggles.

The Lixada front seat becomes a parent’s favorite for any great reason or being an enthusiast. As comes with durable, classy, comfortable, and eye-popping color, this seat becomes a stand out item for any kids. This seat has molded with plastic, for instance, padded seat ensures the better comfort for your kids. While sitting on it for hours, no children come with any complaint about pain or ache kind of. Also, the pedals allow the kids to rest their feet safely. It’s eventually assured minimize fatigue and foot injury too.

If you want to ride on something stylish without a pay off the comfort and safety of your child, this model is a perfect option to choose. Build with aluminum, this seat is a lightweight yet sturdy one. Plus, it has a durable alloy tube design which can hold up to 25 kg. As your child grows up, you don’t need to replace the baby seat because it’ll serve you and your baby well for years.

Thanks to the simple design, it’s let you keep your eyes on your child at the same time on the road as well. You can lock and release the seat much swiftly with the button incorporates in the side of the handrail. It’s very safe and handy way for your kids. The rubberized handlebar is added bonus point and your child will love to hang on while you two were riding.

  • Capacity to hold up to 25 kg
  • Padded and molded seat
  • Can compatible with most bicycles
  • Durable aluminum alloy frame
  • Front mounted design ensure kids safety
  • None

Best For

One of our notable bicycle seats for its stable and reliable quality. Children weighing up to 55 pounds (25 kg) can enjoy in it without sacrificing their safety. Surely, it will make your journey memorable.

4. CyclingDeal Bicycle Rear Baby Seat

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Age Range: 9 months–4 years

Mount Type: Rear–Mounted

Do you have planned to buy a present for your co-pilot to give him/her a bucket loaded of happiness? To get a working one that will love your kid for sure, add CyclingDeal Bicycle Rear Baby Seat to your arsenal. Bringing this bicycle seat for your kids will add more benefits as the seat warp with cocoon design. Moreover, kids weighing up to 18 kg will please with its safe and comfy experience in this carrier. Parents who are already brought this item are feeling ecstatic and I’m sure you will be too if you chose this one.

This model from the house of CyclingDeal provides you an intuition of high-end quality just by looking at it. It incorporates with a universal quick release bracket feature, making it easy and quick mounts and dismounts ability. Even it compatible with most bicycles round frames around 27.2-40 mm diameter. In case if have a dual suspension bicycle, and then you need to search for another one.

In concern of safety, this rear frame-mounted seat is equipped with an adjustable 3-point shoulder harness, foot straps, and footrest. Plus, the backrest of the seat is also adjustable so that your kid will enjoy the comfort level as he/she grows. These features add an extra peace of mind and secure your little one position in the seat. Even the seat is cocoon design for optimal protection. At the same time, the recessed space offers extra room for your child helmet to protect your kid from fall. To create it more fascinating, the 40 pounds of support capacity is quite impressive.

Well-designed, sturdy, and trust-worthy in consider protecting your child while riding. As it comes with an adjustable height system, so it’s a very convenient one for your kids. No matter you have tall or thin and plum or short kid, this seat undoubtedly delivers an awesome result.

  • Capacity to hold up to 40lbs
  • Nicely compatible with most bicycles
  • Round seat makes the journey easy
  • Maintain the USA safety standards
  • Very quick mount and dismount
  • Used low-priced mounting materials

Best For

Biking families who want the ultimate comfort for their co-pilot. Undoubtedly, it’s a worthy investment for preschoolers and toddlers who love to go out on trips and want a place to rest on the way home.

#2 CyclingDeal Bicycle Front Baby Seat bike Carrier

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Age Range: 9 months–3 years

Mount Type: Front-Mounted

Parents who don’t want to suspend their outdoor planning as the sake of parenting- are gone away. To enjoy the outdoor experience, look for a quality bicycle to make your time memorable. You also need a baby bicycle seat to make your journey as a cherry on top. Doesn’t matter what age range your passenger belongs, you need a bicycle seat that will feel sturdy and cozy, and that is what CyclingDeal Bicycle Front Baby Seat Bike Carrier offers.

Whenever you are going shopping for a durable bicycle seat, do not compromise the balance quality. CyclingDeal has manufacturer a great all-around design that you’ll surely love while using. Clamp type of assembling method it incorporates for instance, compatible nicely in most of the bicycles types. As the seat was attached to the bicycle very securely so there is no chance that a child would able to hurt themselves.  Being the seat build of round tube, it’s not as wobbly as most poorly construct seats do.

CyclingDeal bicycle seats portrait the “comfort” as secure, classic and elegant way. But it doesn’t mean we had deemed stylish rather it has great functionality showing from the outside. Made with high-quality plastic and easy to clean seat which is obviously added plus points whilst riding with kids of any age. The materials are tough enough so it doesn’t break easily under pressure. Also, high-quality accessories come with it which don’t break or rust easily. For long-term service, this model will serve you and your child well.

Unlike most baby bicycle brands that disappoint you in outdoors journey, this brand is very convenient to use. Built to assure the USA safety standards, it’s a great outdoor product. This means your child will be protected while using the seat. Even this model has easy to mount and dismount feature hence no tools will be required.

  • Capacity to hold up to 15 kg
  • Assemble is like free of hassle
  • Doesn’t require any removal tool
  • A handrail provides additional safety
  • Not wobble at all
  • Might knock the knees of tall people


Best For

One of our most favorites baby seat products for its comfort and easy to use quality. Apart from the quality features, it ensures the comfortable and enjoyable ride. Overall, you can get a well-designed model which offers good results.

#1 WeeRide LTD Kangaroo Child Bike Seat

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Age Range: 1-4 years

Mount Type: Front-Mounted

While biking with child, the WeeRide LTD Kangaroo Child Bike Seat bicycle carrier is perhaps the most engaging, offer closeness and safety of your child in case of an accident. They are so durable and designed to protect your child well on nearly every kind of bicycle. More so, it ensures parents and kids share a nice bonding, as it allows interacting with them more while riding. The seat has a smooth contemporary design and available in pretty colors that your baby will really love. However, this font-mounted seat carrier is reviewed as one of the attractive front seats for its safety and comfort quality.

Like many products we have talked about, this one is the most attractive and trusted bike seat for the child. Thought its bit costly but users get an enjoyable experience to makes it a day-to-day bike seat for kids. As to make it easy to install, the universal mounting bar also equipped with it. So, in the case of, sudden long journey planned, you don’t need to waste much time to set up. In the meantime, it drops the risk of growing pressure score whilst in use.

A proper safety accessory can make a product suitable for people to stay active in outdoor. The harness on the WeeRide has is secure and sturdy.With5-points simple adjust system, it’s fitted with criteria of having your child in your sightline. Whilst driving the bicycle at a high speed, it protects your child from flying off. However, the extra chest strap provides extra peace in mind.

As per the appearance, this bike seat is more functional and durable than an art of work. Being built with plastic and padding on the seat ensures it’s strong and coziness throughout the journey for your child. Though its plastic made allow for easy cleaning at the same time ensure the long lasting quality as well. Even the buckle system maintains the balanced of weight properly in the bike. So, if your child is 1-4 years old that this model is the best use for you.

  • Nicely compatible with most bikes
  • Has safety harness
  • Front-mounted provides a better view for the kids
  • Comfortable padding
  • Little bit bulky
  • Small leg room


Best For

Age limit 1-4 in a cooler environment as the bike seats have tends to get sweaty. And low-mounting shoulder straps are not suitable for kids who have a longer torso.

Shopping Guide of Baby Bicycle Seats in 2019

How to Choose the Best One for Your Kids?

Choosing the best bicycle seat is not a strenuous one. Just only thing you need to do is consider some of the criteria a specific product has. To guide you, I come up with a list of the most important features you need to pay attention before your purchasing decision. So, let’s go some practical things,


While shopping for a baby bicycle seat, must look for a durable brand that your child will enjoy using. Ensure made with a heavy frame, for instance, sturdy plastic or metal. Even it should serve for last against the circumstance like a heat of the sun. Plus, materials like nut bolts or connectors have to be as robust as possible.


As we know, not all the bicycle seats are manufacture uniformly. So, you need to pay attention to whether the seat is capable enough with your bike or not. Therefore, the seat should be easy to assemble on the bike in order to provide a safe and comfortable journey. If you’re not considering this factor, you might finish up your outdoor activities with your kids and there is no way to mounting it.


Is your choice of material comfortable or not? Ask yourself before thinking of your wallet. If they aren’t, the entire journey will be boring and they won’t like it. Child specialist recommends padded and ergonomic brands. However, research well this thing.


Need to choose the one according to your child’s weight and age. Some parents put their kids on a bicycle seat in a very small age. So, choose the one that nicely fit your kid’s age. Even the footrest should be adjustable with your child’s changing age, as he/she growing every day.


An outdoor journey with your kids is fun, but not compromises the kid’s safety while riding. Choose a well-constructed baby bicycle seat that will keep your baby safe in outdoor. In under pressure some models are crumbling often those brands sacrifice safety. However, choose the one that boosts safety not compromise.


Advantages of Using Baby Bicycle Seat

At the moment you begin to ride your kid with you, you started to notice some changes in his/her behavior. When you analyzed these things, the result is really adorable and lovely.

Entertaining Quality

While you take his/her as your little partner, you can observe some entertaining quality in them. They will enjoy the surroundings view, laughing, and waving at people passing by them. Plus, it’s good for their health as you take him/her outside in the sun.

Share Bonding

Taking to your child on a bicycle seat gives you a proper space to interact with them. You can see his/her smile; giggles, excitement and both you can share a nice bonding.

Being Social

In the suburbs, every people know everyone that is the nicest thing. While you take your kid on rides, he/she will know about the neighbors. He met a lot of new faces and tries to interact with them. Simply, it directly effects on his behavior and helps him/her to share a bonding with the community people.

Above all the things actually resemble the skill that a child learns from his early age. Maybe it’s hard to believe that bicycle seat can o such impacts but it actually do so. Eventually, it will take your kid into your young age.


Present the best baby bicycle seat is a great idea. In a way, both of you can share a memorable time and have fun. Since both of you spending a long time together, so the genuine pleasure will be seen on your child’s face.

One of the above mention products will help you to gain that, no matter which one you select. I’m sure you’ll love your decision.

Happy riding with your co-pilot!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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