The Best Barber Chairs In 2020

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Which thing holds your client’s trust remains identical for their preferred one barbershop? Even goes higher–talk about your line of work to various people.

Verily, that might be your expertise as a haircutter or barber. Positive outlook, smart talk, a tight and clean haircut may resemble the process you behave with them–respect.

When you add an excellent barber chair to treat your client special, it becomes a cherry on the peck. Will you answer, who do not like comfort?

Actually, we can’t. A salon furnished with cozy and sophisticated best barber chairs can pamper your customers to feel like true prince.

If you are just started a barbershop, you will not require expensive barber chairs. Begin with something upgraded and reasonable to booming your business.

On the contrary, if you have an established business, then no reason to spend in the best barber chairs.


What is a Barber Chair?

A barber chair is referring to a special kind of chair or stool where customers sit for receiving trim or haircuts.

The important factor comes as what it actually can do. Using a hydraulic mechanism, chair has the capability to up and down the movement for adjusting the height of your clients.

Usually having a backrest and footrest may be allowed to lower recline positions as per the crafts need. Even some chairs incorporate with swivel feature which allows it to trim style or cut from multiple positions without move the entire chair.

As time goes, the convenience and quality of barber chair had become comfortable and sophisticated. Perhaps, this chair is resemblance to the 20th and 21st century’s community language where men are often used to talk about their woes or sit.


List Of  Top 5 Best Barber Chairs Reviews

A lot to point in when it comes to select barber chairs. Of course, the top priority is to assure your client’s relaxation and comfort.

To keep that in mind, we’ve gathered top 5 best barber chairs. Anyone of the lists can able to make your home based barber shop or salon into an elegant and professional looks one from the competitors.

5. LCL Beauty Extra-Large Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair

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A premium choice, the LCL Beauty Extra-Large Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair is a dearest choice among consumers who are looking for the perfect balance between price and quality. If more capacity is your essential factor, you’ll love this model. LLC Beauty serves out a robust feature in barber salon cutting chair–initially place it in our lists of the best barber chairs. This classic looking barber chair is a top pick among the salon and barber style as for being an affordable solution that is ideal for beginners as well.


Adjustable Headrest

One important factor to check out while purchasing the barber chair is headrest. This chair offers an adjustable headrest with up to 4 height adjustment. It makes this extremely comfortable as it will nicely fit all your client needs.

Also, the headrest can be removed to make the chair work in the two modes. These two modes are shampoo and shaving modes. So, you can accomplish you double work on this one chair.

Enough Roomy

Feeling squished is not meaning relax. This chair has featured a 22-inch extra wide seat (inside the arm) which makes your client feel comfortable. This cut out back design may sacrifice lower back support, but also it provides enough room for clients who require it in the back.

Large Base

With a 27-inch large base, it provides best stability and support when you on the chair. The base is made of chrome and creates a very strong foundation. It’s very useful while you’ve plus-size clients and it’ll make them feel comfortable in this beautiful wide seat.

Modern Mechanism

This chair comes with a hydraulic mechanism that can adjust the height range from 22-inches high to 27-inches high. Additionally, it has a footrest with reclining backrest so you find it great selection in everyday use.

The reclining technic allows you to lock the chair at various stages of incline so you can customize it on your client’s preference. Even the footrest, with attached leg support, also inclines when the chair rises up.


Missing Bolts

The chair comes without the required bolt which needs to assemble the chair properly. For instance, the middle bolt under the seat needs to mount on it. But it’s missing in the parts that are given for assembly.

Prone to damage

Some parts of the chair are not made with high-quality materials so they are under risk of damage. With a thin construction, they can easily destroy just an extra little pressure.

4. ARTIST HAND All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair

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If your main purpose is to make your clients feel fully comfortable and relaxed, the high-density foam padding of the ARTIST HAND All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair will support you to reach your goal. Truly this chair is fitted for the royalty. Their portfolio has portrayed quality salon furniture across different price points. To be honest, this model is consider as middle place, not as pricey as high-end classy chairs, however, bit expensive than standard barber furniture. Simply, this chair is a unique blend of strength and elegance which matchless to achieve this price.

Mention of Worthy Features

  • Double-reinforced saddle sticking protects from tears.
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Back seat can be reclined up to 145 degrees
  • Hydraulic pump helps to adjust the height
  • Holds up to 440lbs
  • Adjustable footrest and headrest
  • Covering with waterproof PVC leather


360-degree Rotation

Cut your clients hair with ease while they enjoy the ultimate comfort. This stylish and elegant chair has a 360-degree swivel that creates it suitable for convenient and reliable services. With this feature, barbers/ hair or tattoo artist can do their job without any disturbance. However, the wide range of rotation option assures you that the client is happy with the changing position for styles.

High-density Sponge

The back and seat of this barber chair are made up with high-density sponge. This material creates this salon styling chair highly pleasant and hence better than most of the available chairs that claim to be made of good foam.

Quality PVC Leather

As the chair is designed with high-quality PVC Leather that making it rips free choice to work under a heavy traffic. Double reinforced cover stitching is used to make it long lasting as the leather has minimal chances of tearing or ripping. Truly, it’s a perfect solution for barbers that are crowded with clients and their clients are used more.

Durable Armrest

A high-quality and durable chair has been manufactured using best stainless steel armrest. Due to this, it’s capable enough to hold up to 440lbs of weight. Being black in color; they offer easy cleaning to any barber salon or spa where lots of clients take services on daily basis. However, these armrests play a vital role in the overall relaxation of your clients.



The chair is not stable while weight is applied. It sways back and forth in extreme level which makes it so embarrassing in front of the clients. Also, it’s very irritating if you are working with your clients on the chair.

Poor Instruction Guideline

As to assemble the chair in a proper way we need good instruction to follow. But when the instruction is written in the Chinese language, it’s quite difficult to understand. So, the manufacturer needs to give their attention to this particular issue.


3. BarberPub Three All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Barber Chairs

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Tell you a secret; this barber chair will not disappoint you at all. BarberPub Three All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Barber Chairs is built to provide your customers relax and lull them into sleep as you take care of their beauty needs. For the suitable set of barber chairs in your shop, this set comes with 3 quality chairs you need to try out. The chairs are very cushy and simple to clean. However, it emphasizes professional feel and looks along with a superior comfort are what this model stands for. This one is specifically focused at barber shops who want to have a solid base for their art.

Mention of Worthy Features

  • Modern and classic vintage style
  • Water resistant bi-cast leather
  • 360-degree swiveling with a lock mechanism
  • A recline of 150-degree backrest is ideal for chin work
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic pump
  • Supports up to 330lbs
  • Headrest is fully adjustable


Easy Assembly

This chair is not a tricky one to assemble while it comes to your salon. Even it doesn’t need any technical assistant by some handyman; rather you just need an average time to install the parts of the chairs. The chairs bolts are nicely used as the manufacturer instructed. However, every barber chair should hold the feature of easy installation, just like the BarberPub chairs that is quite easy to assemble.

Aesthetic Look

Well-designed bi-cast leather material is what made this robust model. It is made the product simple to clean and at the same time water and stain resistant. So, in a way, you don’t require to clean it once and again. However, its classic and elegant design will surely complement your salon environment.

Superb Comfort

What you like about this seat is its offer superb foam padding. With this, an ergonomically designed backrest is also offered for clients extra comfort. Extremely cozy and fluffy, it will have your client amuse in comfort and softness.

While its worthy to mention that the chair is completely reclined able up to 150-degree. And like close to the human’s back shape. Meaning it supports lower back fully.

Weight Capacity

This durable recline barber chair has a weight capacity of 330lbs that is quite large compared to the similar all-purpose chairs. These wonderful addition cans feel comfortable with your client if they are overweight.


Inaccurate Adjustment

The manufacturer is claimed that the seat height could be customized for 6-inches. But that is not the scenario and various consumers have observed that their chairs aren’t raised that much.

Need Many Pumping

Chair requires too much pumping for movement. If it’s required pumping each time, then it’s seemed very irritating.

2. Merax Reclining Hydraulic Barber Chair

Merax Reclining Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Salon Beauty Shampoo Spa Equipment (Reclining)

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In stylish red and black color and built with premium quality PU leather Merax Reclining Hydraulic Barber Chair incorporates flair of gracefulness whenever you place it. No matter if you keep it in home-based barber studio or salon or many more places, it will surely increase the cosmetic appeal of that environment. This professional look chair has all the features that you might dream of in any of the barber chairs you have come across. To be frank, it is a very situational and crucial pick model. If you like eye-candy and want a glare attention of your clients, this model is a sure way to do so.

Mention of Worthy Features

  • Headrest can be removed and adjustable
  • Durable steel frame
  • Heavy-duty locking hydraulic pump
  • Seat recline up to 160 degree
  • compact and ergonomic design
  • Premium chrome round base
  • Can rotate in full 360 degree


Comfortable Backrest Design

One thing that is very useful is the excellent reclining backrest design. It was designed to fit properly the human back. This being said, the design of backrest on this model can recline to almost 160-degree angle. Even you can adjust the back to different positions by using the gas-piston release mechanism. Other than this, this chair provides you best comfort and support to your lower back.

Excellent Versatility

For enhanced versatility, there is an option to rotate the chair in 360-degree. This feature allows the pump to swivel freely upwards and downwards direction. Additionally, there is an extra secure lock to protect the chair from unwanted spin. So, no more chairs jolting and risking wasting your craft cuts. However, heavy-duty hydraulic pump with chrome round base actually deserves thanks.

Durable Hydraulic Pump

Another thing I want to note of this barber chair is the quality of hydraulic pump that is why it creates its own place in our best barber chairs. An unyielding pump method can be annoying for you and client as well, so, it’s very important to know the quality. However, this mechanism also helps you to works with your clients at any angle. It is because you can easily adjust the seat height up to 6 inches.


With the structural heavy- duty steel frame, it will assure you the long-term service. Even though it seems small but it can withstand with men who weight up to 380lbs.


Quite Small

This chair is not suitable for plus size clients and they face issues while sitting. Didn’t like that the chair can resolve the problem rather increase the discomfort and irritation for your clients. Despite that, you can use this chair for your kid clients.

Leather May Smell

As the seat and back are made with leather materials, it may cause the smell. People who have a problem with allergy, it’s not good for them to sit in it a long time.

1. JAXPETY Professional Swivel Hydraulic Barber Chair (Style-1)

JAXPETY Professional Swivel Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Salon Beauty Spa Shampoo Hair Styling Equipment Black (STYLE-1)

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Sleek, elegant and modern design of the JAXPETY Professional Swivel Hydraulic Barber Chair separates this chair from other market shoots. This is what makes it one of the best pick that every barber wants to get it for his salon. The classic and polished black color is what can easily blend and give a unique touch with any salon interior. A lot of features qualify it as one of the chairs currently available on the market. If quality, luxurious design and an affordable price point are your concerns, this barber chair is a must!

Mention of Worthy Features

  • Durable hydraulic pump for height adjustment
  • Maximum weight capacity 330lbs
  • Footrest of plastic ensures extra comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • All-purpose chair
  • High-end, reliable brand



Wide foam padding ensures superior comfort, while a durable steel frame built for long-term service. This build quality has enhanced the weight capacity of 330lbs. It proves this chair can fit nicely in any barber salon.

Premium Chrome Round Base

A round base using chrome material is something provides the chair a complete professional look. It also allows the chair to swivel at 360-degree angle. With different recline position and adjustable quality, makes this chair an ideal fit for all your demands. However, to balance it properly, the round base ensures the better support to the entire frame.

Tearing Free

Using PVC leather and high-quality foam makes the cushions softer and comfortable. Not even your clients will have lots of space; also they’ll take pleasure of high-end chair’s comfort too. As the material is waterproof and stain resistant so it minimizes the chances of tearing as well. Even you can let your tension aside as because of no need for frequent cleaning.


Not a Sturdy Chair

Under heavy traffic, some parts of this chair not look like as durable as it supposed to be. So the claim of salon or barber chair is like somewhat is just a claim.

Poor Guideline

The way guideline designed is not enough and many basic points are avoided. It’s much like a plain instruction to put together everything. So, it’s a horrible experience when you install something for the first time without a proper guideline.

Buyers Guide of Best Barber chairs

For which reason you want to purchase the chair, it’s not the matter. Rather you need to buy the best one, its matter. Getting the best chair for your barber shop is very simple while you look at the following features,

Built Quality

A most important factor to check out while making the purchase is the quality of manufacture of the chair. Find out a durable and strong chair that will ensure you a long-term service. Firstly, look for chairs build with heavy-duty steel frame. Secondly, it needs to make with soft and cozy cushion. High-quality PVC, PU or faux leather can give a unique touch to your chair as well as keep it appealing and easy to clean.

Adjustable Height

You need the best quality chair that allows you to adjust the height with client’s necessary. Using the hydraulic pump you can adjust the seat height by up and down movement of the chair.

Headrest and Footrest

Both footrest and headrest is a vital feature that you need to look out every time. Try to get a quality chair with adjustable headrest. Also, it should be removed completely for convenient service. They are liked by the consumers because they increase comfort.

Even find a chair with footrest as they provide proper comfort to your clients to sit.


Is your chair have a recline feature? It must be needed. 150 degree is the standard level of the chair’s recline. Try to purchase a chair with recline feature for simple movement of the backrest of multiple positions. It’ll give a better adjustment to your valuable customers.


Chairs with improper armrest height can be the reason of join and solder pain of your clients. Therefore, choose a chair build with well-designed armrests.

Weight Capacity

Always choose a chair that builds to support different weights. Make sure your chair can capable to take the given weight nicely. Look for chairs that can accommodate 300lbs of weight and more.


The other considerations need to look out when you make the actual purchase. Take a detailed overview of the technical specification that is given with product details. In this way, you can get the proper idea whether this chair meets your demands or not.



Are you wanted to buy the best barber chairs in the current market? Think deeply and come to a conclusion. For someone, it may seem just a piece of iron, but for barber, it’s more than that. Actually, it’s the source of coziness and the present way of how the business with the customers.

Top 5 best barber chairs reviews are examined above and could be your choice. After reading all the points mentioned above, it’s easy for you to choose which one best suits your needs.

Eventually, this review makes the task simple about what you like to get. So what are you waiting for, go and grab yours!


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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