Best Bubble Tents in 2020– Reviews and Shopping Guide

First, let me ask you,

Do you want to see the blanket of twinkling stars at night?

I know your answer is “BIG YES”!

Every year thousands of families spend myriads of dollars on cruises, theme park, and other one-time weekend or day trips. For that money, we can show you how to have a lifespan memories with your family and how it’s even significant compared to others.

For recent few years, Bubble tent is a singular item that has becomes a demanding and revolutionary product in the world. They fetch a new meaning of the word glamping offering you to watch stargaze without any barrier and again connect you with nature.

These multiple purpose tent can be designed for parties, garden, camping, and beach. We have literary surfed different websites search out the best bubble tents in 2018. In this write-up, we’ll cover every detail you require to pick the right tents to tent reviews, pros and cons, and many more. So let’s get started,

List Of Best Bubble Tents Reviews

#4 RelaxNow(TM) Single Tunnel Transparent Bubble Tent

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Whether you want to spend a long romantic night beneath the sky with full of starts or a chilled day with your children, this RelaxNow(TM) Single Tunnel tent could be a perfect choice to enjoy quality time while camping or in your backyard. Nothing can beat to getting back to nature and enjoy the splendid view which can be experienced as you and your families engage to the beaten path. Traditional tent for camping is more like old school types. So, enjoy the best of the coolest in warmer season from the comfort of this amazing inflatable globe. It makes the parties, camping, and stargazing all more fun.

All of the fun gazing beauty at the worlds comes in a comfort way of your bubble tent, without any tension of insects and bugs. You can either use it on the garden or patio or for camping to enjoy breakfast, dinner and even for play game with your family & friends. Fortunately, made with high-quality materials that are very resilient and durable, this tent will last for a longer period of time.

Unlike other models, this exquisitely designed tent stand out regarding quality and design. Its transparent walls provide an opportunity for clear & explicit views, allowing you to gaze at the moon and stars while camping. When it comes to setting up, simply inflate it with the provided pump and it takes less than 5 minutes to do so. Due to its quality design, this tent can be used almost everywhere.

If you’re worried about the eagle could squeeze into your dome, in that case you don’t need to worry because the tent is durable enough. It’s made from superior materials–0.3 and 0.6 mm PLATO PVC and PVC tarpaulin. It comes with an ample size main living area and a sizeable 1.5m tunnel to entrance with a robust zipper. All these making this a great all year round tent.


  • Robust and resilient
  • The logo can be customized
  • Ease to inflate and set up
  • You have the clear view from the tent


  • Little bit pricey
  • Heavy to handle

All in all, the loveliness of this tent is offer you a clear view of your surroundings, provides you a enough air and large space capacity. Because of its amazing properties of making your morning outdoor coffee intake peaceful, this tent falls into the category of best bubble tent review. Simply, if you like to glamping, you can try it and won’t regret to invest it.

#3 Outdoor Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble Tent Family Camping Backyard Transparent

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After researching a dozen bubble tents on the internet, this model of Outdoor Single Tunnel is one of the flagship products of this Bubble Company. This tent is a far better option in comparison to the old difficult ordinary tents. Also, it has the best combination of durability, spacious inside and easy to set up. This splendid tent can be used in your backyard for summer relaxation, stargazing, or family outing. Despite that you can use it anywhere, you want. Be creative!

If you’re looking for an easy as well as a convenient tent for your backyard, this mobile structure is looked promising. All the features that come with this tent offer you greater control over its durability and usages. It’s made from superior quality PVC and PVC tarpaulin materials. Plus, the tent is roomy enough to hold the full family or 4 to 6 people in total. Users find it durable and well-made over long-term while still, it’s easy to use and comfortable. Additionally, all the amazing details make this tent able to transform your backyard into a paradise.

Completely waterproof capacity is another great feature of this bubble tent. In case if you are a fan of watching rain or storm, now you can enjoy the rain with this waterproof bubble. However, waterproof yet well ventilated as well. Users find the ventilation system is surprisingly good and the tent looks like unsurpassable plastic. Even, it keeps out bugs and other insects so that you can enjoy the outdoor environment without worrying about beaten by the mosquito or other insects.

Additionally, the tent comes with all the useful accessories you need to set up. Include glue, a repair kit, and an air blower system but not comes with the blower that keeps tent inflated. Best of all, a complete repair kit is comes with it while the tent needs long-term fix.


  • Large enough perfect for family size
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Well ventilation system
  • Lots of useful accessories come with it
  • Transparent allows you for a clear view
  • Totally waterproof


  • Sometimes the zipper doesn’t work smoothly
  • Fan need to on to keep the tent up

In short, if you have dreamed of setting up your tent beneath the sky and spending all nights of gazing stars, then this is the one for you. With this, you can add little excitement to your nightlife. Overall, this is the best inflatable cheap bubble tent which is suitable for a large or medium backyard.


#2 Outdoor Transparent Inflatable Bubble Camping Tent Single Tunnel with Blower 5M

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You do not need to be a scientist to find out the best inflatable bubble tent on the current market. With this splendid Outdoor Transparent Inflatable Bubble Single Tunnel tent, there is no hassle. The size of the tent is perfect for the stand, sit as well as sleep comfortably. It’s big enough yet ultralight to carry while dismantled the tent. Simply, you could throw few sleeping bags in there and stargaze all night long with this multi-purpose bubble tent.

The JYNselling transparent bubble tent that is also inflatable is made of high-quality flame-retardant PVC which is odorless and is not toxic. It’s very robust and extensible strength is as high as 3478N and tears power 1572N. Since the weight only 25kg, this tent can be considered relatively lightweight.

One of the wonderful aspects of this tent is the size all of 3 meters in diameter means sufficient room for everyone. It can accommodate 4 people comfortably. Users of this tent suggest leaving a room about 20 cm while they’re almost done in inflating. This area gives space for air to escape in case the zipper is spoiled by heavy winds. Additionally, a blower comes with the package which saves energy and runs very silently. Although it has to be connected with the tent all the time to keep the tent well inflates.

As the tent comes with superior waterproof quality, therefore you can enjoy raining in your backyard. At the same time, it’s well ventilated and so you’ll feel very blissful whiles you inside. Also, the transparent feature allows you to enjoy the outdoor scenery even at night without worried of bitten by mosquitoes, bugs, and other insects. Even the tent will allow you to get the pleasure of 360 degrees of sightseeing 24 hours a day.

Not end here; this is an awesome cheap bubble tent. Yes, it’s comparatively inexpensive of the other popular brand models. Although, the finishing touches, quality, and explicit details are not as same as other standard models of tents offers. However, in concern for price, this tent is great value for the quality as well as appearance. With some good taste of interior, you still could make possible with this an elegance looking garden centerpiece. Surely, it will attract the eye of your family and friends.


  • Easy to set up and inflate
  • Transparent and waterproof
  • Durable construction


  • The zipper is bit weaker
  • Font area of the tunnel is quite small

In short, this Outdoor Transparent Inflatable Bubble Single Tunnel tent will allow you to taste in the spectacular view that can be enjoyed as you travel out off the beaten path. So, if you’re on a budget dilemma, I would suggest you the JYNselling tent.


#1. BubbleU24 Mobile Inflatable Bubble Tent with One Tunnel Family Camping Tent

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Have you ever think about and sat back when the last time you had to get the opportunity to enjoy the sunrise and gazed the whole heavenly blanket scattered with small twinkly stars?

Truth is we don’t get the lucky chance to see the sunrise anymore nor even the sunset. Apparently, we are like in rat race, hunting money is the main motto. This is the reason why when we get the chance to go camping, do it in most beyond belief way possible. Camp beneath the stars; see the sunrise and sunset straight from your tent is like dream come true.

Your family may not enjoy the outdoor adventures if you’re not aware of an inflatable bubble tent. This BubbleU24 Mobile Inflatable Bubble tent features a roomy space to tag alone few personal kinds of stuff and family members during the outdoor camping. One of the multipurpose easy to set up tents that create a spacious room for your family keeping it against the outside forces like rain, storm, heavy wind or even some dangerous insects like mosquitos.

This BubbleU24 tent is designated to meet all the requirements of an amazing outdoor shelter. Made from the superior quality materials are like PVC of 0.3mm and 0.8mm as well as the tarpaulin to ensure the highest quality. This high-quality material will last for a long time and also waterproof too. Also, it’s made of odorless and tasteless environmental healthy materials. Since it’s transparent, you will be able to view the surroundings from the right side of your bubble tent.

Simply the tent is cozy and big enough to hold 4-6 people nicely. No matter what location you choose, the tent is flexible enough and can protect you from the harsh weather and insects. Use it for outdoor adventures, as a glamping tent and for companies, they can use it for marketing showcasing and trade show. Also, you can use it in any weather condition whether it’s sunny or rainy.

Furthermore, the tent comes with a blower, repairing kits, and glue. So, you don’t need to imagine the worst scenario of bubble tent torn, therefore. The blower included in the package assuring the tent will stay inflates as long as you’re using it.


  • Very flexible to use for multiple purposes
  • Perfect for family camping
  • Made with good quality materials
  • Easy to inflate
  • Quite cheap bubble tent compare its quality


  • Little bit bulky

Overall, this is a great tent for family camping, play area, and outdoor living. It’ll transform your backyard into a modern-day paradise and your neighbor, family, and friends will envy to see this beauty.


Bubble Tent Buyer’s Guide

When your kid’s say “I’m bored”, you must have the perfect answer. The similar typical answer our parents gave us “Go and play outside” and they’ll want to. More than that, your family wants to enjoy a beautiful family camping trip. Don’t worry these are a very inexpensive family vacation. Even do you remember when the last time you actually saw your spouse for 24 hours? Now, it’s the time to start planning.


What to Look for Selecting a Bubble Tent

Of course, we all have a different preference while it comes to buying. To help you get the best bubble tent, we have gathered some of the things you need to consider. This guide will assist you to select the perfect tent for you with the best quality.


If you’ve wanted to carry your tent to the camping or beach, you require assuring the tent is portable enough and easy to deflate or inflate. Also, make sure you have selected the model is lightweight and compact. The last factors you are crave to spend hours assembling the bubble tent!


As compare to the other models, you require to make sure the tent you choose made with the superior quality materials. The best bubble tents are constructed from thick and durable PVC as well as PVC tarpaulin. These materials are tough and can withstand daily use with ease. Sometimes a small hole can be a cause of all kinds of hassle such as deflating and water leaking. Selecting a model that comes with a repair box is convenience.

Design and Style

Like most of the best inflatable bubble tents are come with an awesome look but then style and design need to consider. Try to click photos of your surroundings and think if it fits in your garden or will it looks too big.

Available Space

Before making the buying, you need to check there is sufficient room inside the inflate bubble tent to cater your needs. Also, how many people can share the tent is very important. So do your homework because the price tag goes with it.

Setup Areas

Always measure and check your backyard or garden space vs the size of the bubble tent. Make sure it fits perfectly. Tents are usually made for campsites, beaches, lawns, and backyards. So check the tent you want to purchase is suitable for the location you want to set it up.

Repair Kits

While you purchase a bubble tent, you should buy a repair kit also in case of an accident occurs. Some suppliers may include the kit with the tent package.

Cost vs Quality

Always we prefer the items that are affordable, so try to balance between cost and quality. Remember best bubble tents are not come in a cheap range; therefore ensure that you get what you paying for. Even some cheap bubble tent can comes with great quality.


Hope you enjoy reading our guide on how to choose the best bubble tents in 2018. There is a great reason why they’re in so demand–it’s because they are awesome.

Every people love and desire to get closer to nature. However, with the old contemporary tents, it’s not possible to take pleasure the nature day and night. So, reconnect with nature, go camping, stargazed with your loved ones, and outdoor adventures with your family–these bubble tents are perfect for every occasion.

Now nothing can stop you from stargazing with the person that matter most. Having a special moment with those special peoples do not need in indoors. The bubble tent is what can make your those moments count.

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