Top 5 Best Knee Scooters In 2020

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While someone suffers from any kind of leg injury, it can be very hard to adopt. A long recovery process with little mobility patients can feel frustrated. Especially, those who find crutches as painful as too use it.

No worry, the knee scooters promote as an ambulation aid for the world. Many people who suffering from leg injuries are taking knee scooter as a new way of mobility. Less painful than crutches and more mobility than any other form of devices, it’s proven for this.

Need to make your decision. We come up with top 5 best knee scooters reviews in 2018 suitable for a broken ankle, leg, foot or other disabilities.

Why You Require a Knee Scooter?

Crutches are okay but they can create a stress on your underarms and even wrists and fingers. Actually, your forearms or armpit were not built in a way to maintain your weight. This is why; using it for a long time can cause severe injury on the nerves of your underarms.

Meanwhile, if you use knee scooter, your entire body weight is on your shin-bone–strongest bone in your body. Eventually, using this device it reduces the risk of adding and falling injury in your legs.


Top 5 Best Knee Scooters

5. Knee Rover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker–Green

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Featuring 7.5-inch non-marking rubber tires, the Knee Rover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker is the best suited for users who have been recovering from various injuries. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or a surgery related to your lower leg, ankle, and a foot or below the knee amputation, this model would help you to make the condition better. It also gives your injured leg a safe elevation for quick remedial. This is the reason it’s counted as one of the most trusted knee walker brands in the market.

Feature Highlights

Well-construction is one-factor which gives you the chance of using this knee scooter in both indoor and outdoor. The entire formation is really impressive as it’s built with a sturdy dual bar frame. This frame is highly stable and durable enough to hold a maximum weight of 300lbs. Also, offer you a smooth ride with minimal shock and vibration thanks to its 7.5-inches rubber wheels. However, the sturdiness quality of the wheels will allow you to erase the tension about your safety. In addition, it nicely come superior quality braking system, for instance, rear disc brake, single handbrake, and locking handbrake. All these are incorporated to help you in boosting stability and control.

This knee scooter is portable, lightweight, and uses a folding mechanism to make it simple. Note that despite make it easy to carry and light, this product is durable. Eventually, you can take it almost anywhere with ease. As this scooter has equipped with various adjustable parts so it can easily accommodate with users height. For instance, handlebars and knee pad are fully adjustable, giving you the scope to set them based on your height and what fits you better. Since it’s adjustable, it will suit users around5’–6’6” tall. It also comes with a detachable basket and no need of tool setup and assembles.

For those in search of comfort as an utmost priority can take this product into consideration. This KneeRover incorporates 3.5-inches contoured knee platform in the scooter which is ideal for both left and right legs. Even the solid wheels maintain a fine grip to minimize discomfort from uneven surfaces.


What We Like

    • Lightweight to use yet sturdy enough
    • Excellent quality and comfortable
    • Suits different users
    • Provides you a safe and smooth ride
    • Weight capacity of 300lbs
  • Available in hot pink color

What We Dislike

  • Can be unstable in some rough surfaces

Why We Liked It

Knee Rover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker wins many potential customers heart as a best foot surgery scooter. In terms of quality and comfort, it doesn’t fail to lack anything. In short, these features make it a good buy.

4. KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter Steerable Knee Walker–Matte Black

KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative with DUAL BRAKING SYSTEM in Matte Black 

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Of the models on this list, this KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter Steerable Knee Walker is ideal for those who are intending to bring back their mobility after they experience a broken leg, foot, knee or surgery with the support of a comfortable and steerable knee scooter. Also, it works as a lifesaver for people conduct with mobility issue due to the injury or walking disorder. However, this knee scooter is one of the ideal choices for you if you want an amazing product in an affordable price range.

Feature Highlights

What thing actually leaves a better impression to the user of this product–it has furnished with 4 stable and durable wheels. The wheels are made of rubber with around 7.5-inches in diameter each. With this durable and solid design, you’ll move around in any terrain. Plus, the rubber wheels provide the right stability and balance in using the walker without any trouble. Also, easy to use steering system makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Another pride issue connects with its dual bar frame. It assures you an excellent stability and durability especially when you’re moving around. This knee scooter offers a dual braking system one is handbrakes and another is rear brakes to provide the utmost security of a rider. Both of the brakes actually complete the construction system and promote comfort. Eventually, it assures you not to experience any hitches. It also boasts single handle brake, ensuring no longer needs to hold its two sides.

As it coming from KneeRover brand, this one is superior quality model in the market. This brand is not only constructing with easy maneuver quality but also has user-friendly features. Luckily, mobility is one function you can expect from this manufacturer. Made from robust metal is offers you mobility for years.

The walker is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and store. Note that this is robust enough despite the aforementioned attributes. Only weighing 21 pounds, this knee walker can hold the weight up to 300 pounds. Even it comes with a folding technique those quick releases to making it portable.

What We Like

    • Portable and lightweight
    • Easy to use
    • Dual breaking ensures maximum safety
    • Ideal for both adults and kids
  • Affordable

What We Dislike

  • Quite a hard knee pad

Why We Liked It

The KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter Steerable Knee Walker is more than a reasonable and convenient alternative to crutches.  This product is highly suitable for any individuals who are recovering from foot or ankle injuries which hamper mobility.

3. ELENKER Health Port Knee Walker Medical Scooter–Black

ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker Deluxe Medical Scooter for Foot Injuries Compact Crutches Alternative Black


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Are you searching for a lightweight knee scooter that will do their work perfectly? If your answer is yes, this ELENKER Health Port Knee Walker Medical Scooter is the best option to come across. It’s a fashionable yet reasonable price scooter which offers support and comfort similar to the brands of higher price. It is designed for people who are recovering foot, broken ankle or other leg injuries. With aid of this walker, you can still take pleasure of comfortable mobility. Despite some minor nuances, this is an outstanding scooter with comfortable, adjustable, and practically functional features.

Feature Highlights

Featuring mobility device such as easy to move and navigate can help anyone with concerning mobility due to the surgery or medical disorder. Fortunately, the ELENKER scooter boasts this amazing attribute into it. It’s built in such a way that makes navigating system super easy. You can move inside your home or even can use it in outsides. Apart from your home, you can navigate it in other places for instance supermarkets, parks, workplaces etc. Even in using outdoors you won’t experience any problem in moving various terrains specifically those fill with grass, gravel, and dirt. In addition, you can move easily in this scooter even if there are gaps in sidewalks.

Thanks to the disc brake feature, it will allow you to direct stopping when needed. Convenient rubber grips, nicely placed brakes with locking mechanism–ensures easy operation. You are also provided a steering radius of approximately 62° that is quite wider than most scooters. Eventually, it can create difficulty in turns and reversing yet you can’t beat the performance of it. For this, you’ll get a chance to thanks this wide radius. However, the handlebar height range 33.86–41.92 inches when cushion height range between 19.29–23.23 inches, isn’t it so comfortable to adjust.

Luckily, ELENKER scooter’s adjustment and easy to set up qualities can meet many users demands. Truly, its design enhances the strength. The knee pad is made with fantastic memory foam materials through its bit hard to use. This is why the cover is highly suggested. The pad measurement is 14.17 x 6.50 x 2.56-inches considering a great space of coverage. This scooter set a weight limit is up to 300 pounds.

What We Like

      • Great control and stability
      • 8-inch PVC wheels ideal for various terrain
      • Dual lockable brakes
      • A detachable basket for easy storing


What We Dislike

  • Might be noisy

Why We Liked It

Build with a concern of providing excellent comfort and convenience to the users, the ELENKER Health Port Knee Walker Medical Scooter is surely a wise purchase.

2. KneeRover HYBRID Knee Scooter–Blue

 KneeRover HYBRID Knee Scooter with All Terrain Front Axle Upgrade


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Holding the top position, this KneeRover HYBRID Knee Scooter is currently the most advanced one in the market. It’s got the name “HYBRID” because it unites the firmness of the KneeCycle with the KneeRover walker. For this reason, when it comes to durability; it will stay in the unmatchable position. Actually, this alliance ensures the scooter will remain maneuverable and upright in indoor and outdoor. However, it is very simple to control while in movement allowing the consumers to take complete control of their journey.

Feature Highlights

Compare to the other knee scooters, KneeRover HYBRID is the first one boasts with all the features of 4 all-terrain wheel design with front axle upgrade. This structural integrity provides users with proper stability and grounds throughout their rides. With 9-inch pneumatic tires, this product can be used by any age range users and those are recovering from any level of a leg injury. These tires have better traction power including dirt, cobblestone, gravel, sleek and hard surfaces. Plus, this scooter will ensure to handle gaps, grass, and even crack in the sideway with no difficulty. Surprisingly, its lightweight frame has the ability to experience the sturdiness which will not fall over.

While tie-rod steering mechanism incorporates in an automobile, it delivers you an exceptional balance over your maneuverability and moveability to support their legs. The double handlebar design is fully adjustable and gives you superior strength and stability, as is made for knee support. The ergonomic knee platform is molded with 3” pad to supply utmost comfort even on the most uneven terrains.

This model can be accommodated of varied rider’s height, particularly the cushion and handlebars. Even to ensure the safety of the riders this scooter comes with parking and locking features. Rear brakes of this scooter add a smooth and safe ride. The platform can be adjusted between 5 to 6-inch riders height. However, the handlebars and knee pad come with a folding mechanism for easy transport and store.

What We Like

  • Great all-terrain functionality
  • Easily fold for easy storage
  • Impressive 9-inch tires
  • Durable build and lightweight

What We Dislike

  • Not available other colors

Why We Liked It

The KneeRover HYBRID Knee Scooter is truly a great combination of the worlds. Most lovely thing is that it allows you to move the whole world both inside and outside. Simply, its deal for any individual with a foot injury but still wants to enjoy the active lifestyle.


  1. KneeRover Small Petite Adult All Terrain Knee Rover Jr–Red

Small Petite Adult All Terrain KneeRover Jr - Steerable Knee Walker Knee Scooter Crutches Alternative in Red

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KneeRover wants to extend their territory and present Small Petite Adult All Terrain Knee Rover Jr that is specifically designed for smaller adults and children. Perfect for people who have just had suffered an injury or surgery to their foot, ankle, or leg. Using this you can help such injured a person who wants to continue an independent life and still go outside through it. Entering at a reasonable price when featuring everything required in considers of comfort and quality, this knee scooter is a great option at a wonderful value.

Feature Highlights

With upping weight of 250lbs, it can support slightly lighter load than other vehicles. Due to this fact, this particular model is designed for smaller consumers between the height ranges from 4’3″ to 5’9″. In spite of the smaller frame, the tires are as robust as the senior one. Excellent 9-inch wheels are large enough to promote easy movement. Without any tension of damaging your hard surfaces, you can use them in indoors. Even in outdoors, wheels are assured you to run smoothly in concrete or pave roads.

You may worry about how you can maintain this knee scooter if you just underwent an injury! No need to worry at all because it equipped with a tie-rod steering mechanism that often used in automobiles. This elegant feature is not offered in other vehicles, creating this model a unique and special one. Using this mechanism you can drive the walker easily, no matter where you are.

In consideration of safety and security, this scooter is furnished with efficient and highly powerful brakes. This locking handbrake has the ability to a sudden stop. Such protects you from falling in case you use the brake at an improper time. With this feature, you can rest assured of safety. Also, the braking system is a very reliable one as because you can control your mobility and stop it in midway. However, you can ensure your further safety if you purchase this scooter.

What We Like

  • Outstanding all-terrain tires
  • Adjustable knee pad and handles
  • 250lbs weight capacity
  • Basket included


What We Dislike

  • Weight limit is lower than other models

Why We Like It

The KneeRover Small Petite Adult All Terrain Knee Rover Jr is ideal for smaller people who love to navigate their busy lives. Lightweight yet sturdy frame with an adjustable cushion; making it great for all-terrain walkers like a kid, adult or everyone in the smaller side.


Shopper’s Guide

What to Look For in a Knee Scooter?

We’ll show you what to look for while buying a scooter for a leg injure people. Just keep in mind the following factors and you’re assured the best performance and quality for your desires.

Capacity of Weight and Height

As you buy the scooter for a medical reason, you must ensure your scooter can hold your weight and height limit. Many scooters have various weight and height range for adults. You need to choose the specific one which falls into your criteria and can adequately support you.

Braking System

The knee scooter is a vehicle and no vehicle can get the success without a braking system. Even the nicest model becomes pale if its brakes do not work well. For this reason, you need to research in this section for scooters you use and also its effectiveness and methods.

Knee Cushion

Whenever you buy a scooter, make sure it comes with a perfect cushion to deliver you maximum comfort and safety. Plus, it adds more stability and confidence while you ride it in any terrain.


This factor is like compulsory to look for if you’re want to enjoy the active lifestyle. Many users choose knee scooter because they want to ignore the hard nature of crutches. However, knee scooter also proves as a cumbersome if they don’t build with the portable feature.


In the recovery mood, many users don’t realize the beneficial quality of a basket. While you’re trying to recovering from a leg injury, you know it’s very cumbersome to carry items to shop small things. A basket will allow you to store your belongings. Not all the scooters include basket with purchase. Yet, some sell them as an accessory.


While you want to buy anything, it’s always preferable to choose the one that suits your budget plan. Different manufacturers have various models of knee scooters with varying size and quality. So, select one that is affordable as well as pocket-friendly.


Advantages of Using a Knee Scooter

As stated above, a knee scooter is an ideal option for any foot surgery patient. It offers a wide array of benefits over crutch. Whether you feel hard to use crutches than knee scooter is a great alternative.

A little of many advantages of using a knee scooter are:

Safe and Durable

Many consumers review that knee scooters are durable yet secure over crutches. To maintain balance the knee rest and handlebars works superbly. Plus, the 4-wheel design protects users from topping in one side. Due to the robust quality, KneeRover’s walker is much preferable because of their sturdier design. Just assured you pick the one within your weight limit.

Convenient to use

One quality that separate knee scooter from the crowd are easier use feature. Using the wheels, you can easily move onto your way regardless of your injury.  You can use it on sideways, grass, or any terrain you prefer but not the stairs.

Easy to Move

Knee scooters are very easy to control and move even in tight spaces. Truly it minimizes fatigue more than on crutches.

Storage Capacity

Most models of knee scooters furnished with a basket in the front so you can carry anything you want to. Usually, they’re a great option for quick shopping or school going kids.

Final Verdict

Before jump to look for a knee scooter, make sure you check various reviews and compare both performance and value. Its portable and easy to use quality makes it a great sidekick to the recovery system. Even it provides patients magic-spell tricks with which they can navigate your move and recover in attitude.

The durable off-road design of KneeRover makes it a popular choice that is not bound by a budget. Those looking for a more futuristic design for city life can find the best value in the ELENKER Health Port.

But the entire choice is up to you. We have different kinds of preferences, style and body type. Our top 5 best knee scooters reviews in 2018 have compiled most of the perfect models which suit your style with ease.

So, make your choice and come to continue your life!


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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