Top 5 Best Motorcycle Backpacks 2020

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A motorcycle riding can be a liberating and exciting way to go one point to another. However, riding a motorcycle is cost-effective and fun as well, it does not possess all as a standard automobile offers.

By the way, it’s great to see so many well-designed products that make the life of a biker as much easier as pie. Adequate storage solution like this meaning little offending over fun and freedom, which is always a nitty-gritty thing in rider’s book.

With the best motorcycle backpack for riding, you can carry everything you need to get you throughout the day. We have completed a detail evaluation to narrow down to 5 best motorcycle backpacks reviews for you to select from.

Before look into the main part, let’s take a little turn to the chart that we have enlightened for you.

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List Of The 5 Best motorcycle backpacks Reviews

#5 Best Overall Backpack–Ogio Mach 5 Motorcycle Backpack

Best motorcycle backpacks

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You probably hear the name of Ogio–it’s known as a giant one in the backpack industry. Offering great storage options for other objects has permitted them to do what actually works and what does not. For this reason, their backpacks are the best one in the market. In considering the low amount of drag, you can choose Ogio brand without any second thought. Not only a premium brand but also the tough competitors while it comes to least drag quality in the backpack game. The Ogio Mach 5 Motorcycle Backpack is the leading example of that.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Made from durable carbon fiber
  • Has an aerodynamic design
  • Reliable and sturdy zippers
  • Nice 30L capacity

Modern Design Ethos

What are you notice first in the design principle that is gone through in the construction? Well, the aerodynamic is the name of it. The Mach 5 looks like an extended portion of your body when in the tuck position on a sports bike. As a motorcycle backpack, it’s a very futuristic looking product. The main trick to attract attention is how aerodynamic work, but the curve design truly makes it nice-looking too. The model is a stealth one that comes with black and carbon finish.

Actually, the aerodynamic part of the backpack is most appealing to people who love to ride a sports bike. While you put it in riding position, it allows you to expose the backpack to the airstream. Even for people who use it for a double purpose, there are many things to like in Mach 5.

Weather Resistant

The model is built with water-resistant quality rather 100% waterproof and this should be enough to handle the worst weather condition. While you go through in a light rain then its fine to riding with it. And if you carry electronic items with you, then we advise a small zip bag and waterproof liner need to put them in.

Great Organization Capacity

Best of all, the backpack it comes with enough area with all protective padding for a 15-inch laptop or tablet computer. Plus, it has the compartments for small electric devices like a Smartphone. And leave the worry of scratches because it’s made with fleece-lined.

Motorcycle backpack design needs to include multiple pockets feature for different purposes as well as quick release strap for easy take off the bag. The part is to against your back is well-padded that is gives you a comfortable ride. So, enjoy your riding.

#4 Best Value for Money–CUCYMA Track Riding Backpack

Best motorcycle backpacks

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Some motorcycle riders prefer slow-moving choppers like the old school one that offer to drive across the country while there’re others who like speedy vehicles. Even for later, it’s very crucial to know their opinion, for instance, is it aerodynamic or minimize drag. Plus, it offers lower the fuel consumption, noise, and discomfort while riding a bike at a faster speed. But it’s very hard to achieve any excellent quality no drag motorcycle backpack in this affordable range. Luckily, to fulfill your desire CUCYMA has come into the market. It has delivered convenient and maximum durability at a very reasonable price point in the form of newCUCYMA Track Riding Backpack.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Made from durable carbon fiber
  • Has an aerodynamic design
  • Reliable and sturdy zippers
  • Nice 30L capacity

Impressive Design

Just look at the backpack, not a single feature it keeps apart from any other typical backpack models. Remember one thing devil lies in the details. The materials are used in manufacture this backpack are PVC/1680D Oxford, carbon, and nylon.  This is why it’s not only robust enough but water-resistant as well. The outward shell is made from waterproof 1680D nylon and carbon fiber to maintain the shape as it is while it vacant as well. However, carbon fiber design enhances its exterior much stylish way to attract any rider.

Safety and Coziness

As safety is the utmost concern, this is the reason intelligent incorporates extra visibility in the evening. Reflective materials used in the backpack to ensure safe night trips.

Its outer part is made from single shot of streamlined so you can use it in a wet environment as well. And it will not misshape in under wide pressure. Plus, this streamline design has the ability to minimize the noise, discomfort, and fuel expending during high-speed riding. Drag becomes lessen more as it comes with shoulder gasket design that nicely adjusts with your shape of the body. The back profile enhances air ventilation so you don’t overheat during wearing it. Moreover, neckbeards equipped for extra comfort while riding. It also protects your helmet from scratch. Don’t worry about any discomfort coz it’s made from nylon and carbon that is snugged on the back tightly.


This backpack is set full of surprise in a positive manner because it offers the highest stability. The adjustable belt and non-slipsternum straps assure you a strong fit when hidden carrying handle makes it even more aerodynamic. However, it’s adjustable and portable quality makes it ideal as many people as possible.


 #3 Best Backpack For Overall–Ogio Adult No Drag Mach 1 Backpack

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Ogio is an old timer manufacturer to delivering high-end motorcycle backpacks to the desire consumers in a long and consistence manner. This specific Ogio Adult No Drag Mach 1 Backpack is from Mach series and the company has not disappointed their customers. With same aerodynamic molded design as Mach 3 and Mach 5 offers, means not experience any dragging problem while riding. As they came from same manufacturer so you can expect the same quality and features as Mach 3 and Mach 5 has. Since its blend with futuristic style and comfort so can expect to experience amazing riding while using Mach 1 backpack.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Great aerodynamic quality
  • Cozy shoulder straps and back area
  • Robust exterior
  • Multiple storage options


The outer part of this backpack has been made from one slot molded shell that is water-resistant. Although it looks like semi-rigid with stylish appearance, it finished up the compliment as unique instead of an ugly way. Meaning it does not deform its original shape even if you use it in under wind pressure. As this backpack made with durable and waterproof materials so, definitely it can withstand any long journeys. No matter what weather condition is it’ll surely keep your belongings dry. Even one user complement sits waterproof quality as referring “Bond Dry”.

Comfortable and Unique Design

While it’s time to choose a motorcycle backpack, one thing you would love to have is less drag quality. In that, one backpack can come into fulfilling your desire is the Ogio no drag backpack. People love this backpack and amazed to see how nicely aerodynamic feature works into it. They are said that it stays like glue in their back even at the high speeds. Plus, padded shoulder straps, as well as foam back area, provides superior comfort at the same time allows air perfectly pass on your back. It also has shoulder gasket design that helps to minimize air resistance. Additionally, the removal hip belt ensures to protect the gas tank from scratches. However, all of these features provide cozy feeling throughout your riding.

One thing justifies the backpack is ergonomic design. As a backpack the logo and reflective piping are very cool things and can be seen from a high distance.

Convenient Storage Capacity

This backpack is a little smaller than Mach 3 and Mach 5 and complementing it as an ideal one for smaller riders. In total, it contains 4 compartments–big one for clothes and shoes, 2 small ones for storing keys and other small items, and one compartment for a laptop of 15-incehs. Even the backpack is smaller in size but still, it’ll offer much space to carry your essential contents.

 #2 Best Budget Option–TMS Aluminum Backpack Armor Riding

TMS Aluminum Armor Motorcycle Rider Backpack Bag Back Spine Protector

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We realize most of the products we put here are not reasonable this is why we have incorporates a budget option. Despite TMS Aluminum Backpack Armor Riding comes with a low price range, consumers just amazed us with some fascinating features it set with. Not being as deluxe, fully packed, and high-end product with stunning features as other motorcycle backpacks offers. Rather it comes with its own noteworthy features, capabilities, and specifications. This is why; there is no space for regret if you decide to go with this one.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Aluminum plate used as a safeguard for your spine
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can carry lots of stuff

Better Spin Protector

In many cases, a good quality helmet is attached with a nice outfit should be enough. But, if you stunt a lot and drive off-road, then you need to buy a reinforce backpack. TheTMS backpack feature as a spine protector built with aluminum materials on the back of it. This aluminum plate is placed on the bag carefully to protect your spine against any kind of fall or hits. As a backpack and spin protector quality comes into this single product, makes this a suitable choice for any commuters. It allows you to protect your lumbar area and spine from any damage. Remember one thing; this feature of protecting your spine is not applicable while you’re riding a bike.

Rugged Construction

Designed to endure rough dealing policy and secure your gears in the outcome of an impact, the TMS Aluminum Backpack is built to last. With the brilliant use of aluminum makes it strong and robust enough to handle everything thrown at it.

As build with 5-pieces of superior-quality aluminum plate, allows the bag to withstand any kind of speed and safe your stuff inside it. While riding at night, you can be seen from the distance because of the reflective quality of the plates. Therefore, it’s comes as a positive way to make your ride safe.

Comfortable and Roomy

This backpack contains 2 different compartments to hold a large amount of stuff. A big pocket is dedicated for laptop or other large electronic items. With 5 strong clips, you can securely position it on your back. It also offers 2 shoulder straps and waist belts to deliver comfort while you are on or off rood. The straps are well padded so it won’t press on your skin. Not end here, a convenient carrying handle also included for easy to use.

#1 Best Waterproof Backpack for Travel–Outdoor Foundry Motorcycle Backpack


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A great array of backpacks in the market stool is waterproof and they do an average work in the rain. Most of the backpacks are not proving their full water-resistant quality due to the zippers they have. Even truly waterproof one doesn’t offer you a lot of beneficial options. Breaking all the stereotypical idea this Outdoor Foundry Motorcycle Backpack proves itself as a winner of the best dry bag. This family-based waterproof backpack manufacturer goal is to deliver better quality products without much stress in your pocket.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • 15” laptop capacity
  • Excellent storage options
  • Comfortable dry bag
  • Good back and shoulder straps

100% Waterproof

As the name suggests, this one is made with 100% water-resistant materials and there is no doubt about it. But it doesn’t mean manufacturer recommend you to submerge it in full of water. Thanks to its wonderful construction even unfortunately if it’s fall into water it can float. Most excellent creation of this backpack is it has waterproof pinhole and zippers. Ultimately this feature makes it a truly top quality waterproof backpack.

Plus, you can use this one as a waterproof laptop backpack. Because this model comes with a separate laptop sleeves. However, it’s not just the best choice only rather it’s an overall excellent choice.

Excellent Organizing Capacity

If you want to carry a lot of things with you, you need to make sure there will be enough room for everything. The 35L is referring to a ton of space that will be enough for most of your motorcycle gears as well as whatever you require in the journey. Also, you can fill your hydration bladders smoothly in it. To pack all your stuff nicely, this backpack comes with one big compartment along with some small pockets. Plus, it has incorporated with 2-mesh side pockets, one big pocket in the front, and bungee cord system as well. Thanks to the separate laptop compartment which is able to secure 15” small size PC or MacBook Pro easily.

Smooth and Secure

Another good thing about this backpack is smooth and secure using capacity. It has come with shoulder padded straps for great holding capacity. However, sternum straps and waist belt help you to take the entire load of your stuff smoothly. As you know laptop add a lot of weight to the back of this backpack designed with padded to ensure flexibility. No matter your backpack is fully loaded or not it becomes comfortable and secure while riding.

Shoppers Guide

Things to Consider Choosing the Right Motorcycle Backpack

Well, you can’t buy any backpack just seeing them at first glance. Choosing the right motorcycle backpack is not only satisfied your needs but also your wants as well. In this article, we have considered some factors in selecting the best motorcycle backpack. Even though there’re few things to consider but here are the key elements,


The most impressive factor of choosing a backpack is durable quality. Without going overboard, you’ll have to carry all your necessary contents required during the ride. While you put too much weight into it, needs to make sure it’s durable enough to hold the weight. Means, if you ride faster it’ll stay the same and won’t be broken or torn easily.


Not every fabric is good to made motorcycle backpacks. So, before choosing the fabric make sure that it can live up the expectation of any motorcycle riders and can withstand on the faster ride. Plus, materials need to assure the highest level of comfort as it’s the prime consideration of any shoppers.

Aerodynamic Feature

While riding a motorcycle at a high speed, is maintaining a thin balance line. So, to stay secure in two wheels, you need an aerodynamic feature. For this reason the backpack you select make sure it comprised with an aerodynamic feature.

Storage Capabilities

The main point to using a backpack is to carry your essential belongings. It stands for storage capabilities that are one of the crucial factors to consider when selecting the motorcycle backpack. A bag needs to come with several compartments where you can store your personal stuff as well as Laptop or electric gadgets. Even some packs are featuring 2/3 pockets while other offers 5/6 pockets. However, choose the one according to your desires and needs.


As you are going to ride with your backpack strapped on the back, you need to assure that it is comfortable enough. When riding it’s very mandatory to focus on the rood and not any uncomforting things on your back. Also, ensure shoulder straps are padded well and don’t cause any pain. Even the wrist and chest straps are attached nicely to deliver superior comfort and security throughout the journey.

Hydration Compatibility

Many modern backpacks are equipped with hydration compatibility but not all. For riders, it’s always an important choice to go for hydration compatibility backpack as because it gives you easy access to water. It’s not hidden that during riding it might be too hot and you require water to overcome. This is why; it’s the top consideration for today’s riders.

Ventilation Quality

The outer pack of a frame made with taut mesh materials to build an air pocket in between your back and bag. Most of the inner frame backpack makes the air pocket at the back to ensure breathability. Ensure proper ventilation is very important during the ride this is why needed to choose the backpack that offers such comfort features.


Advantages of Using Motorcycle Backpack

Motorcycle backpacks is just not a pack rather comes with lots of value than most people realize.  Really, they have a special function.

  • Most usual benefits of using motorcycle backpack are that you’ll able to take belongings along with you on your rides. Of course, they’re secure too. It’s ensured you to keep your stuff protected and in one place even from rain or external heat.
  • Motorcycle backpack delivers more comfort to the rider than conventional backpacks. It’ll offer extra padding as a kind of a wreck. Since you can avoid the wrecks in consider cost but it’s better to take all the things that’ll help to protect yourself.
  • Even some high-end backpacks have equipped with a hydration system. This feature helps your rider becomes dehydrate from high temperature.
  • Surprisingly, the backpack can save the drivers life too. Some quality backpacks designed with reflective gears, meaning long distant riders can visible while riding.
  • Not end here, the backpack gives the best riding experience to the riders. Of course, self-satisfaction is needed sometimes in order to drive the motorcycle at high speed.


Final Thoughts

Motorcycle backpacks are an essential gear for motorcycle riders. For most section, there’re some really futuristic and attractive looking backpacks available in the market.

Since a heap of backpacks choosing the best one might be time-consuming. In this review, we’ve chosen 5 best motorcycle backpacks reviews you can choose yours just a click of a mouse.

Actually, let me do the thinking work, you do choosing.

True to know, sometimes motorcycle backpacks are really costly.

While spending money assure your belongings safe, protect yourself and provide utmost comfort in your day-to-day ride, why not purchase one?

Go ahead and shop your perfect matching backpack.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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