TOP 6 Best Rabbit Hutches In 2020

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A little creature rabbit is a beautiful animal to have at home. However, they are also very delicate animals who need a lot of care and attention to assure their well-being. In one way you can make your bunny feel comfortable and relax is by purchasing them a rabbit hutch.

Various design and sizes rabbit hutch are available on the market. Some hutches are compact to the house and suitable for only one pet rabbit. While others have quite large space including playing area for rabbits. Also, you need to consider what type of accessories you want for your rabbit hutch.

Choosing the best rabbit hutch can be a bit tricky from the abundance of brands rapidly increases the market. However, it’s possible to find out the right hutch for your bunnies if you are conscious of what you want. Here is our comprehensive guide of TOP 6 Best Rabbit Hutches In 2018.

What is a Rabbit Hutch?

A rabbit hutch is a surrounded space which is designed to offers shelter for rabbits. It’s much like a heavenly place for them. Some people use it for guinea pigs, chickens, and small animals as well, although chickens are prospered better if they are kept in an open space. Even, rabbit hutches are very popular among the rabbit owners. While some have the skill to build their own enclosed, most of the people prefer to buy it from store or online.

Simply the size of the hutches are varied from small to large but offers a lot of open space for rabbits to roam around and do their own business in. Also, it may come with a simple design for apartments and hutch with a large running area for outdoor use.

How We Picked

When it’s time to come down to taking on the best rabbit hutches, here are some of the criteria that will help you to pick the one.

Sturdiness: The rabbit hutches especially the one which is used for outdoor should be sturdy enough. Also, it needs to withstand with the bad weather condition.

Accessibility: The hatch should come with easy access feature for your rabbit and their drinks, foods, and necessities.

Safety: Ensure the safety quality is the foremost thing of any rabbit hutch. No matter how small or big it is, but needs to be safe for your pets.

Enough space: Right size of rabbit hutch will ensure rabbit fit and healthiness.

TOP 6 Best Rabbit Hutches in 2019

#6 TRIXIE Natura Small Animal Home

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A high engineer cage provides you a lot of options on what to use it for. The same technique applies if you look for this TRIXIE Natura Small Animal Home. This versatile one can be ideal for small and single breed rabbits, as well as dogs, cats, and guinea pigs. Consequently, it’s possible to keep rabbits securely in this hutch without subjecting them to dangers.

Unlike some other models of casges which do not provides you with good facilities for rainy seasons, this one is a great option. A raised floor design ensures rabbits can live without experiencing decay and dampness. Also, this design is perfect for proper air circulation. Moreover, with a waterproof roof, no possibilities of water leaking inside which ensure your animal are safe.

Featuring roof open from above, ensures pet owners to get access and clean their furry friend easily. Having a front door locks on this cage makes it convenient for transporting your pet. No matter you are going on a trip or simply moving into a new home, it’s now super easy to carry your friend. While it’s not locked, it works as a ramp to get inside your pet.

Even with easy open cage increase the chances of your pets to predation or attack. But with this Trixie Natura hutch, it features a lockable door. The side lock protects the roof from being open. Solid construction, glazed pine with composite asphalt shingled roof and our finest materials meaning hatches will endure years of use with little care.

Products Highlights

  • Versatile cage
  • Lockable front door
  • Roof is waterproof
  • Raised floor design
  • Non-slip ramp door


  • Perfect for rainy days
  • Safe and secure cage
  • Access conveniently by roof and door
  • Well-constructed
  • Easy to assemble


  • Consumers find it a light duty use


#5 Purlove Pet Rabbit Hutch Wooden House for Small Animals

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Give your furry friend a spacious and comfortable living space with Purlove Pet Rabbit Hutch Wooden House as the great place to start in non-toxic Auburn and White paint. It has an enclosed area for warmth and sleeps additionally, to an open zone for feeding, playing, and interaction. This cage provides your rabbits everything they need to live safe and fun life outdoor.

Rabbits are delicate pet which requires high-quality care and housing. This is why we consider Purlove rabbit hutch to offer perfect sheltering than other cheap cages. Being a sleekly design house, it adds a heartening outlook to your backyards. Therefore, this hutch is ideal for complement your backyard.

Featuring nesting boxes offers a safe indoor place for your rabbits to fun and sleep comfortably. It attached with an easy removal tray for quick and easy maintenance and cleaning. The access door allows rabbits to ramp into the outdoor space that is enclosed with rabbit-friendly wire. Moreover, this multipurpose hutch can be used as a chicken coop and home to other small animals.

Boasting robust roof, walls, and pet house are reliable to remain weather aspects away from pets. In particular, the hatch is made using weatherproof asphalt roof and natural wood structure as well. From living area, wire fences to the hinges and latches on each rabbit nest box are electrified to protect it from rust. Also, the non-toxic waterproof roof enclosed the whole nesting box which provides cool air in summer and retaining heat in winter. More so, the generous design offers you enough space for movements and a shelter resting room for your pets.

Products Highlights

  • Spacious and sleek design
  • 3 inbuilt door for entrance
  • Waterproof asphalt roof
  • Beautiful Auburn and White color


  • Good choice for other small animals too
  • Durable and sturdy hutch
  • Easy assemble
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Multipurpose applications



  • Not ideal for large breeds


#4 CC ONLY RH-57R1 W/Run Rabbit Hutch with Hay Storage

CC ONLY RH-57R1 W/Run Rabbit Hutch with Storage for Hay/Straw

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If you are hunting for a lavish and reliable home for your pet, the CC ONLY RH-57R1 W/Run Rabbit Hutch with Hay Storage with a view is a great choice. Rabbits are a cute animal; no actually matter what anyone says. Due to their friendly nature and beauty, rabbits are loved by everyone. While you have insufficient space in indoors, you can use an outdoor hutch to keep them safe and secure. The CC ONLY is the suitable choice to protect your pets from bad weather and predators.

The cage is made from high-quality woods which help to adjust the internal aspects during the bad weather conditions. Even when in the bad weather condition, this hutch assures you that your pets are safe. Also, the windows design in a way to deliver fresh air circulation.

Using a shingle roof not only holds ran out but also it doubled as an access door. To keep rainwater away, the hutch features shingle roofs which assure smooth water flow. Even though the measurement is 36″x 39″ x55″, still there is a plenty of room to run.

Creating with a raised design, it protects your pets from dump environments, a risk of predators, and flooding. Despite the safety issue, the downside compartment used as a hay and straw store place. Just less than in 60 minutes, the whole unit can assemble perfectly. By the way, with this hutch, it’s a great option to keep your pets outside.

Products Highlights

  • Can use as a straw storehouse
  • Shingles roof design
  • Quick assemble options
  • Durable and great appearance
  • Can withstand in every weather


  • Raised floor to keep it cool
  • Also good for small animals
  • Great hatch with reasonable price


  • Not come any compliment from consumers sides


#3 Merax Rabbit Bunny Hutch House, Auburn, and White

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A strong pet house is suitable for keeping your rabbits safe and secure. So, for pet owners who are looking for luxuries and spacious hutch, check out this unit from Merax. This Merax Rabbit Bunny Hutch will provide your pets a comfortable and stress-free time. Construction and design reflect the trendy and classy appearances. Simply, this cage is an excellent choice to keep your pets protected and happy. Undoubtedly, this one is the best rabbit hutch to own if you are on tight budget.

Experience the high-quality pet house which is designed to be both robust and lightweight at the same time. The wood and slanted roofs are protected with waterproof paints. Also, the wire mesh is close enough to ensure predators can stay out.

A spacious living area enclosed with the raised floor is a just superb combination to keep active your bunny. Furthermore, with mesh surrounding assure ample light thereby minimizing dampness and keep the pets warm. A dynamic door design is to match the demands of your needs. These multiple doors ensure easy interior access and windows are great for enhancing air circulation.

Forget about the cheap wood that is prone to decaying fast upon the subjection to water. Using the wood of making this bunny house is premium Fir wood. Featuring with waterproof paints, they are protecting them from absorbing water. For aesthetic purposes, the hutch designed auburn and white finish color which can enhance your garden outlook.

This two-story unit is simple to assemble and comes with all the desire hardware you want. The downstairs provides enough space to get all the exercise it needs. Plus, a tray also includes with it to clean up the rabbit waste easily.

Products Highlights

  • Using high-quality dried wood
  • Multiple doors with slanted roof design
  • Superb mesh wire to keep your bunny safe
  • Waterproof paint


  • Suitable for pet exercise
  • Easy access doors
  • Removal tray for easy cleaning
  • Easy to build


  • Some consumers find difficulty in assembling the whole unit.

#2 Pawhut Outdoor Triangular Bunny Rabbit Hutch

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Keep your pets indoors for a long time isn’t a good idea at all. Having them on the outdoor for a while will help them to stay fit and healthy. Also, it’s so unsafe to allow them to roam freely without protection. For this reason, with a triangular shape, Pawhut Outdoor Triangular Bunny Rabbit Hutch is relatively perfect against bad weather. Plus, it can be used as a chicken border which can give outdoor living space for your pets.

Simply, a generous space to live for a small rabbit, at the same time it’s spacious enough for tortoises. The triangle shape of the frame allows you to take it outside without the fear of any danger. Featuring 2 access doors with a great fun area around the hutch is suitable for your furry friend. Your pet feels comfortable and safe in both inside and outside. As the hutch comes with a spacious run area, so it’s become an ideal choice for big rabbits.

This unit measurement is 45.5″ x 24.25″ x 20.75″. As the cedar has great smelling power so this hutch size is a great option for small chickens for outdoor or enclosed space. Being made with non-toxic Fir wood, it’s good for introducing new chickens. With a lightweight and triangular design, it can hold up against the bad condition.

With the ability to move quickly, your pet doesn’t need to stay at one point for a long time. This feature allows your pet to keep away from infections and harmful conditions. Your rabbit will be happy with the living area with great ventilation. You can easily keep 1 or 2 rabbits in it. However, this great animal hutch is just worth the value.

Products Highlights

  • Transportable design
  • Indoor sleeping space for night time
  • Unique triangular shape
  • Multipurpose application


  • Ample run area
  • Easy access with 2 doors design
  • Easy to put together
  • Large outdoor space for a run


  • Latches are pretty bad

#1  TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run

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Even pets have a right to have a stylish house which stands out definitely. This outstanding hutch is from the Trixie Company. People who are familiar with pet accessories will recognize the name right away. This TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run is a rabbit’s dream home. Plus, other small animals like guinea pigs also like the same features.

One unique feature added to this hutch is the two-story frame which provides ample space for playing. While your rabbits get tired of playing downstairs, they can go to the upper level to take a little nap.

Designed sliding door with a hatch is offers owners a choice to restrict the space as much as needed. With the non-slip ramp walkway, you bunny has the freedom of roaming inside and outside whenever they want to enjoy the sunshine.

Being quick and easy maintenance, the sturdy hutch comes in two-level styles; this is why it becomes the best seller hatch. It opens from above and easily moved if required. The roof has locking arms that is accessible from one side. The hutch door offers restricted access hence it’s ensuring you that your rabbits are safe.

If you’re interested in clean-friendly hutch, then it’s the one you need. More so, this product includes a plastic tray which slides easily for regular cleaning. With lots of space on the top, you’ll find it handy to access to the rabbit hutch. If you want more information, you can do so by clicking this like.

Products Highlights

  • Two-story design unit
  • Non–slip ramp
  • Removable plastic tray
  • High-quality wood
  • Includes assemble instruction


  • Attractive and unique design
  • Worth the value
  • Great hutch system
  • Pull out plastic tray for easy cleaning


  • The roof doesn’t do much for rain

Best Rabbit Hutches–Buyers Guide

Tips To Consider While Looking for a Rabbit Hutch

Till now you have learned that rabbi hutches are better than cages. Now you need to know how to select the best rabbit hutch from such an enormous list. Random selection is not an ideal way; this is why you need to follow some criteria. If you have no idea about that, you can follow the list below,

Design and Construction

Most of the rabbit hutches are designed with a retreat section along with a free space where rabbits run and do their exercise. The run space is enclosed with chicken mesh or wire mesh so that the natural light and air circulation occurs in a great way. Above the run area retreat section designed, a walkway ramp is used to free movement around the whole hutch.

As wood is the common material for making bunny houses while asphalt is used for roofing. All the different parts are put together to make a beautiful hutch.


While shopping your rabbit dream hutch, make sure they get enough space to move around, water and food, and privacy when needed.  This will make your pet feel comfortable and secure.

  • Type: Design of hutches single, two-story, or with run space etc.
  • Size: Right measurement of hutches, no matter is small or big.
  • Materials: Wood, asphalt, wire mesh etc.
  • Assembly: The processor or steps of assembling the hutch
  • Extra: Removal tray for easy cleaning, waterproof materials etc.

Non-Toxin Finish

As rabbit hutches made from wood, so you need to be careful on finishing. Since animals are lives there for 24/7 hours, you need to make sure that finishing does not pose any toxic materials. If it has then it may create a danger for your furry friend.


Actually, the price of the hutch is depending on the size, type, and materials. There are also cheap hutches available but make sure they don’t fall because of their low cost.


Rabbit Hutch vs. Cages– Beneficial quality

Different beneficial list comes out by the studies that say hutches are more durable and ideal for rabbits and they will thrive better in an enclosed area. Most significant advantages of choose hutches over cages are listed below,

Ensure Better Shelter

Rabbit hutches are designed in a way so that a roof creates over their head. This will protect them from different weather condition better than a cage. During winter, a hutch is more suitable because all you need to do is cover the hutch with a blanket. On the other hand, if you have cages, you need to place the rabbit somewhere else because a cage is nothing than a wire. Also, here rabbits are protected from sun and rain, which is good for rabbit’s health.

Secure from Predators

A cage is a flimsy one. For example, dogs are successful from escaping from the cage so when they see a fluffy moving thing in the hutch, they will surely take an action. Most common concerns are foxes because we know they’re hunt rabbits from nature. This is why if they see cages, they act like a sitting duck. So, a cage is not suitable for your long-eared friend while rabbit hutches are sure to do so.

Offers Plane Surface

In the hutch, rabbis steps on the floor of the cage which is not safe at all. The wires might hurt their feet. Studies show that rabbits are preferred a smooth surface. Sometimes owners use grass on the floor but it’s not last for a long time. But in the hutch smooth surface offers and rabbits can walk freely in that.

Better Construction

A hutch no matter how small or big it is, it’s usually shaky. Like if something falls on it, it’ll crush for sure. On the contrary, a hutch is a more durable one. Plus, you will own a rabbit hutch longer than a cage. As a result, it will save you some cash in the long run even though hutch is a bit expensive than cages.

Our Final Take

Rabbits like other small animals around your house, want their own spacious home to live in. They also want a protected feeling in their habitat at the same time freedom atmosphere to roam as they pleased. As a rabbit owner, you want a safe place where your long-eared friend can sleep, eat, and roam without any disturbance.

I literally get frightened while purchasing the best rabbit hutch in 2019. However, this extensive guide will help you to break or make your decision about different brands.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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