Best Steam Irons Reviews & Buyers Guide

Do you feel pleasant going out with your friends wearing creasy clothes? Or, how about while you’re at job sector– Isn’t it like astounding while you show up to a meeting with a wrinkly shirt and pant?

Hope your answer is NO. So, in this case, chances are high to appreciate better steam irons.

Steam irons can work magically on creased or rumpled garments and leave a polished and fresh look. While the value of steam iron is apparent, what are the best steam irons 2018- becomes a question.

As there are so many options and it becomes a wide debate now. This is why we’ve prepared a list of 6 best steam irons 2018 for your considerations. Not to worry, our review and buying guide will help you out.

How We Picked

We closely compare and review the most salient features of each iron, for instance: weight, heating time, cord length, and steam output. We found that best steam irons have safety features that help to shut off the iron while it’s not used for a short amount of time.

In our rating process, we analysis each irons safety, ironing, and steaming capabilities. In case of ironing issue, we evaluate consumer review of their everyday fabrics and some gorgeous fabrics such as silk and result come out an excellent way. We also pointed out how well the steam irons worked and if they can able to remove stubborn wrinkles as a vertical iron. Additionally, users find it pleasant as the manufacturer claimed that each iron has timed safety shut off capabilities, no matter as if the iron is upright or tipped.


Top Picks 6 Best Clothes Irons Reviews

Whatever reason you want to purchase a steam iron, we have you covered. You don’t need to do more than reading. So, check out our picks from the best steam irons 2018 which certainly meet your expectations.

#6 Rowenta DW5080 Focus 1700-Watt Steam Iron

Best Clothes Irons

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Rowenta DW5080 is one of the popular steam irons in the market. With its monster steam output and expert glide, this iron is able to separate itself from the field of high competitors. No other steam irons were capable to compete to the Focus’s power to instantly remove even the most set in of wrinkles. As it has a nice contemporary interface, a water tank, and other high specs– all together it’s clear why the Rowenta DW5080 won Editor’s Choice Award.

High-quality Soleplate

A highly polished soleplate made with durable and firm stainless steel. While ceramic is acquainted with be a better material for soleplate, stainless steel is just as good. It has a scratch-resistance capacity and stays shiny for a long time. However, it has excellent iron glide on the fabrics so, fewer energy needs while ironing. An aluminum core is incorporated with the model which helps to deliver heats fast and even across the plate. Also, its rounded bottom helps to protect fabrics from folding as you move the iron back and forth.

Large 10 oz Water Tank

Having an excellent 10 oz water tank means less needs to filling after using its high steam output. Within the water tank, a graduation line also can easily figure out how much water is left.

400 Micro Steam Holes

Rowenta DW5080 has 400 micro steam holes distributed throughout the surface. Surprisingly, it’s the highest number of holes available in the market. The more steam an iron is able to release; it’s very easier to prevent creasing. Even with 300 micro steams, the Rowenta DW2070 is an excellent iron.


  • It’s made in Germany
  • Ample steam output via 400 micro steam holes
  • Unique precision tips
  • Has an improve anti-drip system
  • Quick within 30-second auto-shut off


  • Water tank run out fast
  • Little bit heavy
  • Report on leaking despite the correct use


#5  T-fal FV4495 Ultraglide Steam Iron

Best Clothes Irons

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Are you tired of everyday ironing tasks that “kill” much of your time? Probably, it’s time to switch your old iron with the T-fal FV4495, is simply what you desire. This steam iron can able to turn the ironing system into a quick and effortless process. Although it doesn’t fall into high-end irons, it’s packed with most effective features. As the model doesn’t come with the butterfly color that will inspire you but, once you’re done your ironing, for sure you looks will be inspiring.

Durable and Decent Soleplate

For better performance, a manufacturer has made this iron with Durilium ceramic soleplate. The iron sides over any materials making ironing a facile action. Thanks to this material, it can boast scratch-resistance capacity and will provide you faithfully for years. Talking about the soleplate, you’ll love to know that there are 63 steam holes. They are circulating the steam over the soleplate and letting you get the steam in a regular basis.

Attractive & Convenient Interface

No matter what applications you buy, in this advanced world, one thing plays in a vital way with consumers mind is design quality. We often like to select not only functionality but also fascinating and easy-to-use applications. Of course, all these our requirements seem to fulfill with T-fal FV4495 iron.  During the whole ironing process, a comfortable grip handle offers you to apprehend the iron without feeling tiredness in your carpus.

Versatile Cord

One more feature of this iron have a right to get your attention is power cord. Its generous long cord of 12 ft. provides the user easy to move and never gets the way of your ironing. Some consumers might think that the large cord becomes tangle or bit hard to handle. Need not to worry at all because a manufacturer has a concern this matter and incorporated a feature name Easycord exit. This feature makes this model easy to use and allows you to protect the look of new creases on well pressed clothes.


  • Power up fats at 1725 watt iron
  • Can works at all temperatures
  • Lightweight and easy-to-handle


  • Anti-clac and self-clean technology for quick maintenance



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In some cases, you can get what you actually pay for the steam irons. With the same line of expectations, the BLACK+DECKER IR03V is one. This is a low-priced stream iron which is unexpectedly packed with many useful features. You can simply blast away difficult wrinkles with this easy steam iron.

Decent Nonstick Soleplate

Depends on the soleplate, an iron can consider is it good or bad. Even the BLACK+DECKER IR03V is a budget iron; it comes with a nonstick 1200 watt of power soleplate. A nonstick soleplate is a feature found in high-end models however, it’s standard with this model. As it’s a basic iron but an anti-drip feature assemble with it to prevent water leaking while you use the iron in low temperature. However, nonstick quality reduces the tendency of burning materials.

Smart Steam Technology

This model boasts of the smart steam technology. Basically, it means, adjusts the steam output to the fabric selected. Actually different fabrics need different team requirements– heavy fabrics need more streams while delicate ones barely need steams. The smart steam technology minimizes the surmise work in selecting for different types of materials.

Upright Streaming

While you dealing with the powerful wrinkle, the upright steaming features can come as handy. An upright surge is a powerful shot of steam that can be targeted for a particular spot for easily pressed. For instance, the Black and Decker IR1350S have a well-equipped stream button that can send a powerful hot steam to the fabrics. This feature is also great for quick and upright steam like drapes & curtains.

Comfortable Design

The water reservoir of this model is blue in color with a capacity of 5 oz. the handle is of decent grip design. Also, it’s 360-degree pivoting cord measuring at 6 feet long. Simply, the iron is light yet a compact one.


  • Can be used for vertical ironing
  • Reasonable price range and produces a good result
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Heats up quickly


  • Typical complain of water leaks
  • Sometimes steam output becomes inconsistency
  • Risk of damage easily

#3 Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force Iron

Rowenta DW9280 Digital Display Steam Iron, Stainless Steel Soleplate, 1800-Watt, 400-Hole, Blue

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One of Rowenta’s most powerful and top-notch steam irons has attained a lot’s of popularity because of its new steam technology. This is Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force, a royal one among the best steam iron for clothes. It doesn’t need to yell out to draw consumer attention, it just has an appearance that can’t be ignored–a million dollar looks. Despite that, it claimed to have a strong steam output at 210g/min will push 30% more steam into fabrics assuring perfect and fast ironing result. Consequently, it’s also a little bit pricey for household appliances. So we like to recommend it for sewers, crafters, and those with busy household or tons of laundry.

Deeper Steam Pump

Exclusively, this technology is just included with this model. It delivers a remarkably powerful steam that can deal with the most difficult creases. At 210g/min, it’s probably the most powerful burst of steams available for household steam irons. This model also produces 30 percent more moisture than any other model under Rowenta. Due to this technology, this model is known as a best for wrinkle-busting.

Smart Technology

Another notable feature is a smart steam motion sensor. Basically, this intelligent function controls the steam depending on the motion of the iron. While it is not in motion, the iron automatically controls the steam and ultimately saving water and electricity. In the case of ready-temp, it digitally protects the soleplate temperature with LED display, while the desired temperature has been reached.

Auto Power Off

An important safety feature allows Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force to go off automatically after a period of disuse. While left vertically on its base within 8 minutes and when it’s face down after 30 seconds, it shuts off.


  • A massive 1800w of power iron
  • 10.8 oz of large water tank capacity
  • Design with LED digital display
  • German-made engineering
  • Heats up quickly


  • Pretty heavy iron
  • Sometimes makes clicking sounds


#2 Sunbeam AERO Ceramic Soleplate Iron

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Make your ironing experience better with this modern Sunbeam AERO Ceramic Soleplate Iron. Its AERO Ceramic design provides a smooth glide to fight with stubborn wrinkles. As the challenging technology provides 5 times more steam and ceramic soleplate for maximum diffusion, so you can notice how smoothly the unit can perform.

As advanced technology outputs 5 times more steams for easier wrinkle remover, more diffusion, and great result. Steam is distributed across the fabrics to produce 27% smooth glide. It will assure you a wrinkle-free cloth each time with dimple ceramic soleplate. In addition, 1600w of power helps to generate the steam quickly and effortlessly as to give your garments a professional finish look.

One of the characteristics we often tend to pay attention while choosing any types of appliances is its weight, especially when we select it for home appliances that require manual handling.  A very few people enjoy ironing process and even fewer of them would enjoy it if the iron they used was oversized and bulky. This is exactly what Sunbeam offers you the model that weighs only 3 pounds. This feature creates it one of the lighter steam irons in their line so that you can enjoy ironing.

Whatever electrical devices you use, even if it’s a high-quality steam iron, you want to sure that you aren’t getting any injury during the use. For this reason, manufacturers incorporated the 3-way auto-off feature providing the user total peace of mind. No matter in which position the iron is, its get shuts off within 30 seconds.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Very convenient steam feature
  • Scratch-resistance ceramic soleplate
  • Good ergonomic design for spray and steam
  • Large water tank and easy to fill
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Consumers face difficulty while seeing the temperature level
  • Sometimes LED lights to stay on all the day which is quite annoying


#1. Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless Iron

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With the introduction of Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless Iron, the matter of ironing clothes is now a thing to enjoy for everyone who engages in that. The stunning iron is designed to make things very easy while you iron your clothes with it. Its sleek looking interface almost looks similar to a portable CD player. As it’s a cordless iron, so it provides the user freedom to iron at any angle without the headache of entangling cable. Unlike many other models of Panasonic, it’s packed with a detachable water reservoir for a quick refill.

Curved Soleplate

For this model, it is a 1500 watt of power iron with curved stainless steel soleplate makes it an added bonus. This means you can easily move the iron back and forth without creating any further wrinkles on your clothes.  It’s also designed in a way so that you can iron easily in each direction due to the pointed tips on both ends, also allowing easy access to the tight spaces like collars and cuff. Simply, it saves your time and effort.

Cordless Design

The cordless design of this model deserves your attention. The NI-WL600 is one of Panasonic’s latest cordless collections. When you want to go with cordless, there are not many choices around and Panasonic is one that dominates this particular segment.

With this model, no needs to worry about the cord. The iron can easily be used by right or left handed people because there is no cord to get in a way.  Although the iron does come with a cord, it’s fully retractable into the rechargeable base of the iron.

Temperature Setting

The 3 temperature setting comes with it for you to choose from. Instead of a dial, it uses push-button microprocessor located in the handle. The steam setting is a switch with 3 options– high, low, and dry.


  • Heats up quickly
  • A detachable tank comes with it
  • Curved stainless steel for multidirectional movement


  • Steam generation is not as good as other models
  • Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to keep hot

Best Steam Irons Buyer’s Guide

Things to Consider While You Choose the Best Steam Iron

A sheer number of factors need to look making the perfect choice while you look for a steam iron. Comprise features that create the iron effective and easier to use, and things that build your iron a perfect to own.


Your irons soleplate is a crucial consideration while making your choice. The most usual choices are stainless steel, non-stick, anodized aluminum, and ceramic. Stainless steel and ceramic tend to be the king while non-stick soleplate doesn’t glide well.

Controls & Setting

The steam iron’s controls must be convenient to read and operate. For your convenience to use– dial, slides, or digital controls are there. Some irons may incorporate controls that are a quite hard to use and see. Thankfully, some models also feature easy to use and operate controls.

Even the irons you select to buy make sure that has clearly viewed different materials setting. The best steam iron for clothes will have different setting options. Its control should be easy and the list of fabrics also easily readable.

Water Tank

This is where the water is stored and creates steam. Basically, it’s filled with tap water. Sometimes it’s not necessary to have a steam iron with a removable water tank.


Steam irons include with a retractable cord are very handy to use. It doesn’t come your way and as you have done with your ironing, you can permit the cord to bring back inside the iron’s body. Also, other convenience features you can look while purchasing your ones. Button grooves which permit the iron to glide between the drip protection and buttons that prevent the iron from oozing water on your clothes at lower temperature.


A steam iron’s weight usually ensures how much more or less downward pressure your iron requires. During ironing, heavier irons demand less pressure than lightweight irons. Of course, whatever weight you choose is also determined the ironing tasks you often do. In short, select the steam iron that has the suitable weight for all your purposes.

Auto Shut-off

Features like auto shut-off or power on are very important to keep your ironing knowledge unfortunate incident-free. This feature will help to turn off the iron after a certain amount of time. Rest assured that your home will not burn down even if you forget to shut-off your steam iron. It’s recommended you 3-way types off. This means, an auto shut-off triggered when the iron is on its heel, face down, and sideways.

What Else Should You Look For?

As concern for features, look out for anti-scale functionality if you are staying in the hard water area, automatic cleaning options, and auto power off while you forget to unplug it.

Also, some models offer vertical steaming to allow you hold the iron on upright position and remove creases from drapes or hanging garments.

Another most fascinating feature of preventing the dripping water in your iron and adjust the steam amount as much you required. This feature is very helpful and found in most irons whenever you iron at a lower setting.

Care and Maintenance of Steam Iron

Steam irons are common, household appliances that many people neglecting them and taking up wrong steps to keep them running well. Remember, your steam iron like other appliances needs proper care and maintenance to remain in tip-top shape.

Here are some helpful tips for maintaining and cleaning steam irons.

  • For an iron to be work effectively, the bottom must stay as smooth as possible. So, don’t use any hard tools or knife to clean the iron. Scraping or other damaging can be ruined the iron completely. Be careful; don’t use any hard tools ever.
  • In case of external cleaning, wait until the iron has cool down. If you try to clean it while it’s hot, then you might end up with nasty burn and cleaning process won’t good as well. To clean your iron’s exterior, use a slightly damp cloth in ammonia.
  • With clean water and vinegar, you can clean the inside area of irons. Simply a one part water and one part vinegar can add to the water tank. Once you mixed, steam the iron for about 5 minutes, drain the added mixture and repeat the technique with water only.
  • Sometimes you may notice the white color of build up around the steam vent, if so then your iron needs descaling. This is the same process cleaning process with a little bit of change. First, empty the water in your iron and turn-on the “cotton” setting. Mix one part vinegar and two part of distilled water. Add this mixture to your iron. Turn off and drain the added mixture out. Repeat the process using only distilled water. If still, you see the buildup, then repeat the process.

These simple procedures can keep your steam iron running great for years. Only a few minutes cleaning every month, it will continue to looks your clothes perfect.

Final Verdict

At the very starting you must have some criteria of choosing your best steam iron for clothes or other materials– did you feel anyone is dispelled by now. With our best steam irons reviews and buyers guide, all the needed information is compiled to select your steam iron. Go ahead from here and all you need to choose your steam iron and get started. Nothing can hold you from getting what you want from the best steam irons 2018 have to offers. Hopefully, your budget can afford our all top picks. So, grab the best one.


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