Best Ultralight Tents for 2020 Reviews

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A tent can make or break a backpacking trip! What’s Yours?

Packing an ideal tent is one of the best ways to increase enjoyment, comfort, and safety on wilderness trips. While you are in the market to find the new one, you’ll quickly find lots of options out there. Try to choose the best tent to fit your needs and can overwhelming quickly.

Select a backpacking tent that is suitable for you needs some consideration. As you use it away from home and it’s the one with the most expensive outdoor gears you’ll invest in. Make sure you get a good tent that is light enough to carry in a pack without hurting your back.

We hope the best ultralight tents for 2018 reviews will guide you to find the perfect backpacking tent to keep you dry, protected and warm in the wilderness for many years to come.

What is an Ultralight Tent?

An ultralight tent is a style of backpacking tents that emphasizes livability, comfort and premium lightweight quality of a tent. Generally, modern ultralight 2-person tents do not weigh more than 4 lbs. Having a floor area of 28 square feet can fit 2 persons quite tightly.

Usually, they’re not as light as a hammock but they ensure lighter weight to carry. With a minimal trail weight of less than 3 lbs., is making them suitable for backpacking.

Moreover, ultralight backpacking tents offer better weather protection compared to the conventional tents. Even most of the tents have special freestanding (shorter pole geometry) or pillar set up to maximizes area without extra poles. However, as it constructs with premium quality ultralight materials, can be a bit costly.

List of 5 Best Ultralight Backpacking Tents Reviews

#5 Weanas 2 Person 3 Season Ultralight Backpacking Tent

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Weanas have manufactured a great number of tents with a range of different colors and sizes. So, in that, you will surely find something that will suit your needs and situation. If you want to be able to use this tent for all year round for traveling and hiking, then you should go for this fantastic Weanas 2 Person 3 Season Ultralight Backpacking Tent. In this high-quality tent can easily fit up to 2 people in it due to its being perfect for a backpacking tent, hiking tent, and camping tent as well.


The tent has a dome design so it’s very comfortable to use especially, for taller people over 6 feet. The dimension has upgraded and that is 85×53 inches that assure you taller people can stay comfortably in it. Even they don’t need to bend down their heels and head while they lay down on the floor.

2-Doors System

There are two doors in this tent which can be opened from inside or outside. So don’t need to crawl over one another in terms of entry or exit. Also, it offers enough space on both sides to keep your personal belongings like camping boots, gears etc.


An inner nylon tent provides great air circulation and improves ventilation to keep the temperature soothing inside the tent. You can be protected from bugs and mosquito without sacrificing ventilation because of the two windows. Additionally, you can get protected from the rain using the rainfly made from Deluxe 20D 380T Nylon Fabric. As the tent construct with seam-taped and rainfly can keep the weather outside so you can enjoy the camping.

  • Compact and durable construction
  • A great range of features
  • Spacious enough to support 2 people and gears
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Aluminum poles feel very solid
  • Not much of vestibule
  • The vent on the fly need little larger


#4 River Country Ultralight Backpacking Trekking Pole Tent for 2 People

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Most of the companies have moved on from more conventional tent designs using new materials. Also, with years of testing, many companies have evolved their preferred style of 1 or 2 person tent. But there is at least one traditional tent that deserves to be on the list of top rated ultralight backpacking tents and that is River Country Ultralight Backpacking Trekking Pole Tent for 2 People. This is a 3 season rating tent designed to handle temperature and weather throughout the year. Simply, this traditional looking tent is perfect for fulfilling your all camping needs.

Quick Setup

As it needs with all these tents, the setup is very easy and simple to do. The tent is long over 7 feet so if the person is tallest of us might have little trouble of bedding down for the night. The wide is about 5 feet and 3.5 feet tall when it’s fully patched. So, 2 people can comfortably stay in it.

Like the materials, this tent features eight aluminum poles are very lightweight and comes in nice red in color. These stakes help to keep the tent held into the ground. Also, its innovative design allows you to quickly setup without any poles included in the products. But trekking poles can be used which helps to minimize overall camping weight.

Enough Roomy

There is lots of room inside the tent. The tent size assures you to fit one person with gears or 2 people without any gears as well. With lots of built-in features, you can add your personal stuff. For instance, can hang a flashlight or lamp in the corner or keeps your pouch or another valuable thing nicely in place.


This tent is built as a lightweight option so it won’t balance down your pack. It weighs only 2 pounds and 12 ounces so it’s very lightweight. Truly, this one is a better option for as a starter ultralight tent then a long-term one. But as a starter, this needs to your first choice.

Additionally, taking it down also a no-brainer and just take little space inside your carry bag.

  • Traditional proven design
  • No poles included
  • Incredible light feature
  • Spacious space inside the tent
  • Two-layers of doors
  • Definitely big enough for 2 person
  • Durable bathtub type floor–not footprint require
  • Stakes are quite heavy in consider of backpacking
  • Not well ventilated

#3 Bryce 2P Two Person Ultralight Tent and Footprint – Suitable For Backpacking, Kayaking

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If you prefer a company in camping, then you require 2 person tents. Or if you like to go solo, even so, you need some space for your gears and valuable things. This is why in considering of straightforward and practical shelter for outdoor activities you would not worry selecting this Bryce 2P Two Person Ultralight Tent and Footprint. Of course, it’s larger than one person tent so it’s the lightest 2-person tent for easier storage and carrying. Simply, this model is suitable for camping, backpacking, bike pacing, kayaking, biking, and many more.

The Interior

The floor and footprint of this tent are made from 40D ripstop silnylon. While you complete the setup, you’re safe from wetness as it is fully made of waterproof materials. Truly, it’s the perfect shelter for outdoors. Also, the mesh materials make this tent well-ventilated. Even if you’re sharing this tent with any companion, you’ll not feel any kind of fixation so, you can be very comfortable– much like your home.

Additionally, it’s fully rectangular floor offers you comfortable movement inside the tent. It allows you to lie with your head whichever side you prefer with comfort. You’ll also love the fabric of the floor as it ensures water-free stay inside the tent.


In concern of ventilation, it trusts on No-see-um mesh of20D, silicon/PU of 5,000 mm, and attached seams for water-resistant. The coating is designed by aluminum alloy’s 7000-series. Almost the entire tent is made with high-end mash materials to ensure ventilation. Also, it assures you not to face any discomfort due to humidity or other weather problems.


The Bryce 2P Two Person Ultralight Tent can withstand even in rocky surface. Even any adverse weather condition like hours of continuous rain, snow, and others as well. Doesn’t matter how bad the rain is, you’ll notice there is no leak so you’re always safe inside the tent.


Quite intelligently this tent is designed which is different from more sensible tents. For instance, it comes with a ring in the middle of the tent where you can hang a lantern to see inside the tent. The pockets are placed above the floor so it’s easy to get the content rather than the conventional pockets. You will also love the zipper of how efficient they work not like the annoying zippers which don’t work properly.

  • Roominess is outstanding for 2 persons
  • Compact and takes small space
  • Well-ventilation, less humid than other tents
  • Worth the value
  • Built-in hook in the middle to hang a lamp
  • Rainfly should be little wider

#2  ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1-Person Tent

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ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1-Person Tent has one of the best entry-level tents based on the price that cannot be argued. This one is a good option for base camping and backpacking. Undoubtedly, this one can be called 3 seasons tent that can surely manage humid, summer, and hot nights. Also, it allows you to feel a breeze when you’re inside the tent. Even, the construction of this tent enriched the fresh air as well as ventilation. However, it’s a viable option for those who love to camp in the wilderness.


Basically, the design of this tent comes as a twist to the user with two pole design. Despite depends on the crossing of 2 straight poles, the ALPS has introduced us a slightly bend pole which offers additional headroom. Even though the aluminum poles are lighter weight, have a collapsed 18 inches of length that can allow you to stuff them into a backpack. On the end of the tent a door is placed which offers you crawling way can access into the tent.

Maximum Ventilation

All the mesh walls and roof provides maximum fresh air and ventilation. This system allows your tent to be cool even in the hot nights. In consideration of set up, this tent requires extra lines to attach to the rainfly. In case if you fail to take these steps, it might cause leaking around the edges. In the time of heavy wind, the rainfly needs to hook properly to the aluminum frame.


Regarding pitching the Zephyr tent up is extremely simple. You’ll surely not have experienced a hard time doing it. It’s because this system depends on multiple hooks and snaps which are attached to the pole system. Once you acknowledge the process, it might take around ten minutes to set up the entire tent by a single person. However, fail to attach these hooks in a proper manner will result in rainfly during the windy situation.


The rainfly and floor has been factory seam-sealed, means don’t require additional weatherproofing. Like many other, this 75D 185T polyester rainfly can able to resist UV rays as much as possible, which I love most.

  • Additional headroom offers higher roof and wider floor
  • Full-mesh provides well-ventilation
  • Easy to setup
  • Vestibule room offers enough space
  • Very weatherproof
  • Not preferable for long hikes
  • Water tends to drip down after rain

#1 ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

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ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent is a great combination of quality and price. It’s about a free-standing and extremely popular single tent that offers ample space inside the tent and provides you a way to take pleasure of moonlight. Truly, it’s a nicely balanced tent in a prospect of construction and feature, with an easy setup and outstanding price tag. This review will walk through you everything you need to know about this tent. Also, it’ll shed light on why it holds the place of number 1 in our list.


The Lynx is a freestanding 2-pole design that makes it very easy to set up and quick to take apart as well. The upper body of the tent is netting and the lower and the bottom part are used waterproof fabric with sealed layers. There is a D-shaped door with mesh, big enough, and can roll out. The door can be fixed on the left side where you have loops and clips for this purpose.

Most camp lovers have not experienced any type of trouble to take the tent up and it’s just a matter of a minute. Despite the quick setup, this tent comes with a sturdy design which can withstand on strong winds and inclement weather conditions.


One of the outstanding features of Lynx is that it’ll keep you dry throughout the night. This tent is suitable for 3 seasons and equipped with a flyer to protect it from the rain. Without exposes of rain at night, camping is like meaningless; to know the fact Lynx is keeping the water on the other side of your tent.

It’s not only restricting the rain from entering but also the mesh wall allows condensation to come out. This feature comes in handy during the warm season. Additionally, it comes with 2 vents on the tent to deliver more airflow.

Large Enough

The tent is long enough to add more gear if you need. Also, it provides an extra 10 square feet space to cover the area under the side of the vestibule. As this tent is recommended for solo use, so the room is uncommon in the sleeping compartment.

  • Great value with a low price tag
  • Very spacious vestibule
  • Well-ventilation system
  • Quick assembly and disassembly process
  • God sturdy construction
  • Can hold up against bad weather condition
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  • Doesn’t comes in a great way in winter
  • Not lightest of lightweight tent

Shopping Guide–Best Ultralight Backpacking Tents

Which Kind of Backpacker are you?

First, you need to understand your own personal requirements from backpacking tents, meaning you will need to find out what type of backpacker you are. Maybe you’re middle of nowhere or week camper type, then you might good to look for something bigger type tents.

  • Weekend Traveler

Are you a crazy fan of last-minute gateway of Friday night to your neighboring wilderness? If so, your livability and comfort can’t be sacrificed for an easy and lightweight tent to keep you on the move.

  • Solitary Wolf

If you love to prefer enjoying your spanking camping night and those long distance thru-hikes all yourself, you can. You might have over packed, in this case, lighter tent, is better.

  • Mountain Goat

If you tag yourself as a sucker of a true wanderer in the wilderness, the colder, winder, and higher will be the better. A lightweight tent is essential, but the important thing is the capability of your tent to hold up in the sideways rain and storms.


Requirements of Ultralight Tent


Keeping your backpacking tents lighter weight is extremely important. It’s one of the biggest factors to save weight in your pack. Eventually, a lightweight can reduce the impact on your back and knees. Additionally, you can enjoy every moment of your hike without groaning and moaning. The word “ultralight” come as a magical for the newly backpacker and might seems to end like a magical spell.

An ultralight backpacking tent is becoming a new set of standard. So, you don’t need to sacrifices your space, comfort, and livability for ultralight backpacking tents. Surprisingly, the small brand has flourished their expertise in a way and introduces them an industry leader. To match them, former industry leaders are desperately learning their technic to shave their gear weight. The rule is much like,

1-person tent need to be around 2 pounds

2-person tent need to be around 3 pounds


Tent design should be clean and beneficial. This particular term can be divided into 2 aspects- complex and simple,

  • More complex tent designs are better for maximizing space, importantly, in ceiling and off-corners. Meaning, it comes with more stakes and poles. Therefore, it cans more things to adjust and sometimes more things to break.
  • In contrary, simple design is not only faster and easy to set up but also comes with enough durability. However, the awkward thing is the ability to handle the fast winds and storms.

Simple Entrance and Exit

Some tents are designed like rectangular prisms, tee-pee pyramid, and others are more like half-spherical igloos. What I believe is all just a matter of personal preferences.

Some users find that side doors are easier to roll in and out compare to the front doors. But if you are sharing the tent with someone then 2 entrances will provide a much higher level of comfort and ease to come out and in.

Sufficient Headspace

While you’re going outside you engage with hiking most of the time so don’t expect any palace type tents. Also, don’t expect of getting about coffin type tents. Staying in a little cocoon place for all day to pass the storm is really miserable. So, choose a tent which has enough space above your head and below your feet. Like a ceiling height of few feet above your face to read while lying.


Tent ventilation mainly depends on a couple of factors. For instance- top vents for release moist air, lots of mesh netting to simplifying airflow, and a tie-backs door to roll up and keep open in the night. Though all the tents are experienced tent fixation, better ventilation and selection of tent site can able to avoid it.


Fabrics and Materials

A material’s denier actually shows its yarns capacity and you can notice how this varies considerably. Even the uses of the fabrics also vary in the tent, rain fly, and canopy.

  • Polyurethane Coated Fabrics

One of the cheapest materials to achieve waterproof capacity, but the downside is it decline over time. The reason is the chemical known as hydrolysis that will break down the material.

  • Silnylon

Silnylon is much more affordable fabric. This coating has been used in high-quality mountaineering and backpacking tents. The beneficial things of Silnylon are that durable, stronger, and durable than PU fabrics. This also equalized with a high price tag.

  • Dyneema

Dyneema is a kind of high-tech fabrics that looks like meant for bigger exploration. The shape of it has an advantage which can adjust in wet condition. However, the weight of it is less and much stronger than its Silnylon competitor.

Single vs Double Wall

There are two types of wall fabrics. Such as

  • A cover like rainfly used as a barrier
  • Mesh walls used as a enclose to keep the bugs out

A single wall is usually like trap like a wall while a double wall is much like both trap and mesh-like wall.

Freestanding vs Non-freestanding

Freestanding tents come with a framework of poles. This design helps tent to stand in 100% upright position or freestanding. Still, they use guylines and poles, but they are not as trustful to stand on them.

On the contrary, non-freestanding have usually come with a solo tent so, you need additional structure or you can use your own trekking pole to stand it.

Final Thought

If you are into ultralight backpacking, then saving the weight is on obvious choice. In this article, we look some of the best ultralight backpacking tents for 2018 available in the market.

We focused on the ultimate requirements of tents and important consideration which needed to pick the best ultralight backpacking tents reviews for you.

Let us know how you find this article and if you want us to consider anything else. Until then, happy backpacking!


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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