Do Hotels Wash Pillows between Guests?

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, you may have wondered if they wash the pillows between guests. The answer is yes! Hotels are required to clean and disinfect all linens, including pillows, between guests.

Pillows are typically washed with hot water and bleach to kill any bacteria or viruses that might be on them.

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, you may have wondered if the pillows are washed between guests. The answer is yes – most hotels do wash their pillows between guests. However, there are some exceptions.

Some hotels only wash their pillows every few days or weeks, so it’s always a good idea to ask when you check in. If you’re concerned about cleanliness, you can always bring your own pillow from home.

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Do Hotels Change Pillows between Guests?

Most hotels will change out pillows between guests as part of their overall housekeeping routine. This helps to ensure that each guest has a clean and comfortable sleeping experience. In some cases, particularly at higher-end hotels, guests may have the option to request new pillows if they are not satisfied with the ones in their room.

Do People Take Pillows from Hotels?

While it’s not exactly common, it’s not unheard of for people to take pillows from hotels. More often than not, it’s simply because they’re forgetful and didn’t realize they’d taken the pillow until they got home. In other cases, people may take them intentionally because they like the feel of the pillow or because they want a souvenir from their trip.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that taking things from a hotel room is technically stealing. So if you do decide to take a pillow (or anything else), be sure to do so discreetly!

Do Hotels Wash Bedspreads between Guests?

Most hotels launder their bedspreads between guests. However, some hotels only wash them every few days or weekly. If you’re concerned about cleanliness, ask the hotel staff how often they launder the bedspreads.

How Often are Hotel Pillows Replaced?

Most hotel chains replace their pillows every two years, although some do it more frequently. The type of pillow also affects how often it needs to be replaced – for example, natural down and feather pillows need to be replaced more often than synthetic ones. Ultimately, it’s up to the hotel to decide how often they want to replace their pillows, but generally speaking, it’s every two years.

Should I Bring My Own Pillow to a Hotel During Covid-19

If you’re wondering whether or not you should bring your own pillow to a hotel during Covid-19, the answer is yes! It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and bringing your own pillow is one way to help ensure that you’ll have a comfortable and relaxing stay. Here are a few things to keep in mind when packing your pillow for a hotel stay:

– Make sure it’s clean! Obviously, you’ll want to make sure your pillow is clean before using it in a hotel room. Give it a good wash (or two) before packing it up for your trip.

– Choose the right size. You don’t want to bring a huge pillow that won’t fit comfortably in the hotel bed. Conversely, you also don’t want to bring a tiny pillow that won’t provide enough support.

Choose something somewhere in the middle so that it will be just right. – Consider packing other bedding items as well. If you’re really worried about contracting something from the hotel bed, you might also consider bringing along your own sheets and blankets.

This way, you can sleep soundly knowing that everything touching your skin is clean and fresh.


No, hotels do not wash pillows between guests. They may occasionally spot clean them, but they generally only wash them once a month or so. This is because it is very time consuming and expensive to wash all of the pillows in a hotel every time a guest checks out.

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