What is Another Name for Bedspread?

A bedspread is a decorative piece of fabric that is placed over the top of a bed. It is typically used to add color or pattern to a room, and can be matched with other pieces such as curtains and pillow shams. Bedspreads come in a variety of materials, including cotton, linen, and polyester.

A bedspread is a piece of fabric that is used to cover a bed. It is usually placed over the top of a bed sheet and beneath a blanket or quilt. Bedspreads are often used for decorative purposes and can be made from a variety of different fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and wool.

Bedspread Meaning

What is Another Word for Bedspread?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as there are a number of words that could be used to describe a bedspread. Some possible alternatives include: coverlet, quilt, duvet, comforter, and blanket. Ultimately, the word that is used to describe a bedspread will depend on the specific type of item in question as well as the preferences of the person using the term.

What are the Different Types of Bedspread?

There are many different types of bedspreads on the market today. Here is a breakdown of the most popular types: Comforters: Comforters are usually made from a cotton/polyester blend and filled with down or synthetic fibers.

They are typically quilted or stitched in a way that creates pockets of air, which helps to insulate body heat. Comforters are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making them a good choice for those who want to add some personality to their bedroom décor. Bedspreads: Bedspreads are similar to comforters, but they do not have any filling and are typically thinner.

They are made from a variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, and linen. Bedspreads often have decorative details such as fringe or ruffles. Like comforters, they come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Blankets: Blankets are usually made from wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers. They come in various weights, so you can choose one that is appropriate for the season. Lightweight blankets can be used year-round, while heavier ones are ideal for cold winter nights.

Some blankets have special features such as built-in foot warmers or electric heating coils. Throw blankets: Throw blankets are smaller than standard blankets and usually have fringe or other decorative details around the edges. They can be made from a variety of materials, including wool, cotton, acrylic, and even silk.

Throw blankets are often used as decoration rather than for warmth; however, they can also provide extra warmth on chilly evenings when placed over your lap or shoulders.

What is a Thin Bedspread Called?

A thin bedspread is typically called a coverlet. A coverlet is a decorative fabric piece that is used to cover the top of a bed. It is usually quilted or woven and can be made from a variety of different materials like cotton, linen, wool, or silk.

Coverlets are often used as an extra layer of warmth on top of a comforter or duvet and can also add a touch of style to a bedroom.

Is a Comforter the Same As a Bedspread?

A comforter is a thick, quilted, often down-filled blanket that is used as a bedcover. A bedspread is a decorative piece of fabric that is spread over the entire surface of a bed. It typically hangs down to the floor on all sides of the bed and may have fringe or other adornments.


A counterpane is a decorative bed covering, typically quilted, that is placed over the top of a bedspread or blanket. It originated in medieval Europe as a way to add warmth and color to the bed, and was often made from patchwork fabrics. Today, counterpanes are still used for their aesthetic value, but they can also serve functional purposes, such as providing an extra layer of insulation during cold weather.


A bedspread is a type of bedding that is used to cover the entire surface of a bed. It is usually made from a quilted fabric and may be decorated with a design or pattern. A bedspread can also be used as a decorative element in a bedroom, such as when it is hung over the side of the bed or draped over a chair.

The word “bedspread” can also be used to refer to a dust ruffle, which is a type of fabric that is placed under the mattress to protect it from dust and dirt.

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