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What is the Top Cover of a Bed Called?

A coverlet is a decorative fabric layer that covers the top of a bed. It typically hangs down over the sides of the bed, and can be used as an extra layer of warmth or simply for decoration. Coverlets are usually made from lightweight materials like cotton or linen, and they often have fringe or other embellishments around the edges.

The top cover of a bed is typically called a comforter, although some people may call it a quilt or duvet. A comforter is a type of bedding that is used to keep you warm and can be made from a variety of materials, including down, wool, or synthetic fibers. A quilt is similar to a comforter in that it is also used to keep you warm, but it is typically thinner and has more layers.

A duvet is a type of comforter that usually has a removable cover so that you can easily wash it.

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What is the Mattress Cover Called?

A mattress cover is a piece of fabric that goes over the top and sides of a mattress. It can be used to protect the mattress from spills, stains, wear and tear, and dust mites. A mattress cover can also add an extra layer of comfort to your bed.

What is a Top Sheet on a Bed?

A top sheet is a flat sheet that is placed between the fitted sheet and the comforter, quilt or duvet on a bed. It can also be used without a coverlet or blanket as an extra layer of warmth during colder months. Top sheets are typically made out of cotton, linen or polyester fabric and come in a variety of colors and patterns to match any bedding ensemble.

Bedding Accessories List

Your bed is not complete without the perfect accessories! Here is a list of must-have bedding accessories to make your bedroom complete: 1. Bed skirt: A bed skirt adds a touch of luxury and can help hide any unsightly box springs or legs.

2. Blanket: A cozy blanket is a must for chilly nights! Choose one in a soft material like wool or cashmere for extra warmth. 3. Throw pillows: Add some personality to your bed with some decorative throw pillows.

Mix and match different colors, patterns, and textures for a unique look. 4. Sheets: The foundation of any good bedding set are the sheets! Make sure to choose a high-quality set in a comfortable material like cotton or linen.


The top cover of a bed is called a comforter. A comforter is a thick, quilted blanket that is used to keep you warm. It is usually filled with down or synthetic fiber and has a decorative outer fabric.

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