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What Kind of Skinning Knife Does Meateater Use?

The answer may surprise you, but the kind of skinning knife that Meateater uses is actually quite simple. It’s a basic folding knife with a few key features that make it ideal for skinning. First, the blade is made of high-quality stainless steel that is both sharp and durable.

Second, the handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand and provide a good grip. Finally, the blade has a serrated edge which makes it easy to cut through tough skin and meat.

Steven Rinella, host of the popular outdoor adventure show MeatEater, is known for his love of hunting and fishing. He’s also known for his practical approach to gear, and that extends to his skinning knife. Rinella uses a simple drop-point skinning knife with a 3-inch blade.

The knife is made of stainless steel and has a full tang construction. It’s a basic design, but it’s all Rinella needs for field dressing game animals. The drop-point blade style is ideal for skinning, as it provides good control and prevents the blade from slipping.

The shorter blade length makes the knife more maneuverable, which is important when dealing with tight spaces like inside an animal’s carcass. And the full tang construction ensures that the knife can withstand heavy use without breaking or bending. So if you’re looking for a skinning knife that can handle anything Steven Rinella throws at it, go with a simple drop-point model with a 3-inch blade.

It’s the perfect tool for the job!

Hunting with Randy Newberg – Knives we use and how we use them

What Kind of Skinning Knife Does Steven Rinella Use?

In his book, Meat Eater, Steven Rinella talks about the kind of skinning knife he uses. He says that he uses a Mora knife with a 3.5 inch blade. This is a Swedish made knife that is very sharp and easy to control.

It is also inexpensive, which is good because it might get lost or damaged while skinning game.

What Hunting Knife Does Meateater Use?

Steven Rinella, host of the outdoor adventure television show MeatEater, is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. He is also a big fan of knives, and has been known to use a variety of different hunting knives on his show. Rinella has used a number of different brands of knives over the years, but he seems to be partial to Buck knives.

In particular, he often uses the Buck 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife. This knife features a 6-inch blade made of 420HC stainless steel, and it has a black Phenolic handle. The knife also comes with a heavy-duty leather sheath.

Rinella has also been known to use the Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife on occasion. This knife features a 3-inch blade made of 420HC stainless steel, and it has a woodgrain handle. The knife can be easily carried in a pocket or on a belt thanks to its convenient folding design.

What Knife is Best for Skinning Deer?

There are a few different types of knives that can be used for skinning deer, but the best type of knife to use is a boning knife. A boning knife is a sharp, narrow blade that is great for getting in between the skin and meat of the deer. This type of knife will make it easy to remove the skin from the deer without damaging the meat.

If you do not have a boning knife, you can also use a fillet knife or a utility knife. These types of knives are not as sharp as a boning knife, but they will still get the job done. Just be careful not to cut yourself when using one of these knives.

When skinning deer, it is important to work slowly and carefully. Start by making a cut along the belly of the deer from sternum to anus. Then, make cuts along each leg from the body cavity outwards.

Once you have made these cuts, you should be able to peel back the skin like a sock. If you encounter any resistance while peeling back the skin, simply make another cut until you are able to continue peeling back the skin smoothly. Once all of the skin has been removed from the deer, you can then start cutting up the meat into manageable pieces.

Again, take your time and be careful not to cut yourself on any sharp bones. And that’s it! You now know how to properly skin a deer using either a boning knife or another type of sharp blade!

What Blade Shape is Best for Skinning?

When it comes to skinning, there is no one “best” blade shape. The best blade shape for skinning will vary depending on the animal being skinned, the thickness of its hide, and the user’s personal preferences. Some common blade shapes that are often used for skinning include drop point, gut hook, and straight-back.

Drop point blades are a good all-purpose option for skinning. They have a sharp point that can easily pierce through tough hides, and a wide belly that makes slicing through thick layers of flesh a breeze. Gut hook blades are designed specifically for cutting through the abdominal cavity of an animal – making them ideal for field dressing.

Straight-back blades offer precise cuts and can be helpful when working around delicate areas like the eyes or mouth. Ultimately, the best blade shape for skinning is the one that works best for you and your specific needs. Experiment with different types of blades until you find the perfect match for your hunting style.

Benchmade Steep Country

When it comes to outdoor adventure, few places compare to the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains. towering peaks, pristine forests and alpine meadows make this region a true paradise for nature lovers. And when it comes time to gear up for your next expedition into the wild, be sure to bring along a Benchmade Steep Country knife.

This versatile fixed-blade knife is designed specifically for outdoor use, with a durable 3.5″ S30V stainless steel blade that can handle anything you throw at it. The textured G10 handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, even in wet or cold conditions, while the integrated guard protects your hand from slipping onto the blade. And when not in use, the knife can be safely stored in its included Kydex sheath with belt loop attachment.

Whether you’re an experienced outdoorsman or just getting started on your adventure career, the Benchmade Steep Country is the perfect choice for your next trip into nature’s playground.

Havalon Piranta

This knife is amazing! It’s called the Havalon Piranta and it is the sharpest knife I have ever used. It is made with a special process that makes the blade super hard and extremely sharp.

The handle is comfortable and easy to grip. This knife is perfect for hunting, fishing, or anytime you need a really sharp knife.

Havalon Knives

If you are looking for a new knife, you may have heard of Havalon knives. These knives are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique design and construction. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Havalon knives so that you can decide if they are the right choice for you.

Havalon knives are designed with replaceable blades. This means that when the blade gets dull, you can simply pop it out and insert a new one. This is a major advantage over traditional knives, which require sharpening after each use.

With Havalon knives, all you need to do is keep extra blades on hand and you will always have a sharp knife ready to go. Another benefit of Havalon knives is that they are very lightweight. This makes them ideal for carrying with you when hiking or camping.

You won’t even notice them in your pocket! And because they are so light, they won’t weigh down your backpack either. Finally, Havalon knives are extremely affordable.

For just a few dollars, you can get a high-quality knife that will last for years. If you compare this to the cost of traditional knives, it’s easy to see why Havalon is such a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts.


The Meateater blog discusses the various skinning knives that are available on the market. The author provides a detailed description of each type of knife and its features. The author also includes a link to a video tutorial on how to properly use a skinning knife.

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