What Month are White Sales?

Sales of all kinds are plentiful during the holidays. After Christmas and New Year’s, retailers offer deep discounts on winter merchandise to make room for spring items. This is the time to buy a new coat, boots, or sheets.

White sales got their name from early department store advertisements that were printed only in black and white. The first recorded white sale was at Lord & Taylor in January 1878 when they promoted “an unprecedented clearance” of “linens, muslins, cambric handkerchiefs, opera cloaks, and other goods.” The sale was so successful that it became an annual event.Nowadays, white sales occur throughout the year at most major retailers.

They are usually advertised as a way to save on bedding, towels, and other household linen items. However, you can often find great deals on clothing and other items as well. So if you see a white sale sign while out shopping, be sure to take a look!

If you love finding good deals on home essentials, then you’re probably familiar with white sales. But what exactly are they? White sales typically take place in January, but sometimes they can start as early as December.

They got their name because back in the day, most of the items on sale were white linens like sheets and towels. Nowadays, you can find all sorts of things on sale during white sales – from furniture to appliances to home decor. So if you’re looking to refresh your home for less, be on the lookout for white sales at your favorite stores!

What's the Deal: Don't forget about white sales this month

What Time of Year for the Best White Sales?

There’s no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including what type of white sale items you’re looking for and where you live. However, in general, the best time of year for white sales is either late January or early February. This is when most retailers start their winter clearance sales, so you’ll be able to find great deals on items like bedding, towels and winter clothing.

If you’re looking for specific items, it’s always worth checking the sales calendar for your favourite stores to see when they’ll be holding their next white sale.

What is Typically Sold at a White Sale?

A white sale is a type of sale where household linens are sold at a discount. This includes items such as sheets, towels, comforters, and tablecloths. The name “white sale” comes from the fact that these items are typically available in white.

While bedding is the most common item to find on sale during a white sale, many retailers also offer discounts on other household items such as furniture, curtains, and rugs. White sales usually take place in late January or early February, although some retailers may have sales throughout the year. If you’re looking for some great deals on household linens, keep an eye out for white sales at your favorite stores!

Why are White Sales in January?

There are a few reasons for why white sales in January are so popular. One reason is that it’s after the holidays when people have some extra money to spend. Another reason is that it’s a good time to buy winter clothing and bedding since you can usually find them on sale this time of year.

Finally, January is also a good time to stock up on household items like towels and sheets since they tend to go on sale during white sales.

Is January the Month for White Sales?

January is a great month for white sales! Many stores offer discounts on winter items, including clothing, linens and other household items. If you’re looking to save on some new winter gear, keep an eye out for white sales throughout the month of January.

You can usually find deep discounts on everything from coats and boots to bedding and towels. So if you need to stock up on some winter essentials, January is the time to do it!

What is a White Sale

A white sale is a type of sale where items are sold at a discounted price, typically during the winter months. The term “white” refers to the color of most winter clothing. White sales were originally created to encourage people to buy new winter clothes, but today they are often used as a way to clear out old inventory before the start of a new season.

Many stores have white sales throughout the year, but they are most common in January and February.


Sales of bedding and linens are typically called “white sales.” These sales usually happen in January, but some retailers have started having them in December. Many stores have clearance sales on these items in late summer or early fall as well.

So, if you’re looking for a good deal on sheets, towels, or comforters, keep an eye out for white sales throughout the year.

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