What Knife Does Steve Rinella Use?

Steve Rinella is an outdoor writer and author who has written a number of books on hunting, fishing, and foraging. He is also the host of the popular television show, The MeatEater. In addition to his writing and television work, Rinella is an accomplished outdoorsman and frequently goes on hunting and fishing trips.

He is particularly skilled in using knives to process game animals. Rinella typically uses a Mora Bushcraft Black knife when processing game animals. The Mora Bushcraft Black is a fixed blade knife that features a 4.3 inch long stainless steel blade.

The blade is black oxide coated and has a Swedish grind (a type of edge grind that results in a very sharp edge). The handle of the knife is made from durable polymer with a textured grip that makes it easy to hold even when wet or bloody.

Steve Rinella is a well-known outdoorsman and author, and he’s also known for his love of knives. So, what knife does Steve Rinella use? Rinella is a big fan of the Buck 119 Special Hunting Knife.

He likes the fact that it’s a full-tang knife, meaning that the blade runs all the way through the handle. This makes for a stronger knife that can take more abuse. The 119 has a 6-inch blade made of 420HC stainless steel.

It’s a simple but effective design that has stood the test of time. The Buck 119 is just one example of the many knives that Rinella uses and loves. He is also a fan of Morakniv knives, which are Swedish-made blades that are incredibly sharp and tough.

Whatever knife he’s using, Rinella is an expert at puting it to good use in the great outdoors.

Steve Rinella's Late Season Gear Picks

What Knife Does Meateater Use?

Steven Rinella, host of the television show MeatEater, is known for his love of hunting and outdoor activities. He is also known for his sharp wit and knife skills. So, what knife does Steven Rinella use?

Rinella uses a variety of knives, but his favorite is the Mora Companion Heavy Duty Knife. This Swedish-made knife is designed for both heavy duty chopping and precision carving. The Mora Companion has a 4.1 inch blade made of high carbon steel with a Scandi grind (very sharp).

It also has a comfortable rubber handle that provides a good grip even when wet. The Mora Companion Heavy Duty Knife is the perfect tool for someone like Steven Rinella who often finds himself in the wilderness preparing game meat for dinner. It can handle anything from slicing up venison steaks to whittling kindling for a campfire.

If you’re looking for a versatile, durable knife that can do it all, then the Mora Companion is the ideal choice.

What Knives Does Rinella Use?

Rinella uses a variety of knives depending on the situation, but his two main go-to knives are the Buck 110 Folding Hunter and the Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife. The Buck 110 is a classic American folding knife that has been around for over 100 years. It features a 3.75″ blade made from 420HC stainless steel, which is known for its good edge retention and ease of sharpening.

The handle is made from walnut wood and has brass rivets for durability. This knife is great for general purpose use and can be easily carried in a pocket or backpack. The Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife is Rinella’s choice for more heavy duty tasks.

It features a 4.3″ blade made from high carbon steel, which holds an edge well but can be difficult to sharpen. The handle is made from durable polymer and has a lanyard hole for attaching to a belt or pack. This knife is great for bushcraft and survival applications where you need a reliable tool that can handle tough tasks.

What Hunting Pack Does Steve Rinella Use?

Steve Rinella is an outdoor writer, television host, and public speaker. He is also a lifelong hunter who has hunted all over North America. In his blog post titled “My Hunting Pack,” Rinella details the contents of his hunting pack and why he chooses to bring each item with him on his hunts.

Rinella starts by saying that the most important thing in his pack is his knife. He carries a fixed-blade knife with him at all times when he’s in the woods, and it gets used for everything from cleaning game to preparing meals. Next up are his binoculars, which he says are essential for spotting game animals from a distance.

He also carries a flashlight, lighter, map, compass, and first-aid kit in his pack, as well as some cordage and a small multitool. As far as food goes, Rinella always brings along more than he thinks he’ll need. He typically packs dehydrated meals like Beef Stroganoff or Chili Macaroni, as well as energy bars and trail mix.

He also carries some Jerky just in case he ends up staying out longer than planned. And finally, he always has a good supply of water with him – at least three quarts per day – plus some extra in case of emergencies.

What is a Good Skinning Knife?

A good skinning knife is a knife with a sharp, curved blade that is designed for slicing through the skin of an animal. The blade is usually about 3-4 inches long and made of stainless steel. The handle is typically made of plastic or wood, and the knife may have a guard to protect your hand from the blade.

A good skinning knife will also have a comfortable grip that allows you to hold it securely in your hand while you are working.

Havalon Piranta-Edge

The Havalon Piranta-Edge is a versatile and easy-to-use pocket knife that is perfect for any outdoor activity. The blade is made of high quality stainless steel and is sharp enough to handle any task. The handle is comfortable to hold and has a convenient belt clip for easy transport.

This knife also includes a lanyard hole for added safety.

What Hunting Clothes Does Steve Rinella Use

In his book, Meat Eater, Steven Rinella gives a detailed account of the clothing he uses while hunting. For early season bowhunting, he likes to wear a pair of canvas pants and a long-sleeved shirt. He also wears a headnet to keep the bugs away from his face.

For cold weather hunting, he swaps out the canvas pants for a pair of wool pants and adds an additional layer under his shirt. He also wears blaze orange for safety when required by law. No matter what the weather is like, Rinella always wears hunter green because it helps him blend in with his surroundings.

Benchmade Steep Country

In Benchmade’s Steep Country knife, they’ve created a beautiful workhorse of a blade that’s perfect for any outdoor activity. The blade is made from S30V stainless steel with a drop point style and a plain edge. It’s 3.62″ long and has a Rockwell hardness of 58-60. The handle is contoured G10 scales over black liners with stainless steel bolsters. The knife also has a lanyard hole and comes with a black leather sheath. The overall length of the knife is 8.46″ and it weighs 6.2 ounces.

This is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable and tough knife for the outdoors. Whether you’re hiking, camping, hunting, or fishing, the Steep Country will serve you well.


In his blog post, Steve Rinella details the knife he uses when hunting and why he prefers it. The knife he uses is called a Mora Companion, and it is a simple but effective knife that can handle all of the tasks required when hunting. He likes the fact that it is lightweight and has a comfortable grip.

Additionally, the blade is sharp enough to get the job done but not so sharp that it is dangerous.

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