Best Portable Solar Generators 2020 Reviews

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With the growing popularity of solar generators, scientists and manufacturers have larger their limit of its applications. Fortunately, the most advanced technology has provided us with more secure and reliable means to do accurately that.

With the introduction of a solar generator, it has not only provides the power backup but also has a nicer way to do it. It can be used for different purposes including an emergency power backup for outdoor adventure. No matter what the situation is, a solar generator is extremely helpful as a power source alternative.

However, solar generator comes in multiple sizes, shapes, models, and types from various manufacturers. Our comprehensive reviews focus only on the top-rated models in the market. We provide information that is independent and try to help you to find the best product. Here in our Best Portable Solar Generators 2018 Reviews– we are showing top-rated generators that suit your need.

What is a Portable Solar Generator?

A solar generator is a process to capture sunlight via solar panels. This power comes in a form of direct current (DC). After that, an inverter helps this energy to convert into alternative current (AC). Then this current is preserved into a battery bank and transferred via a standard plug-in outlet.

In the portable solar generator kit, there are 2 important parts included. One is a solar panel and another is a solar generator.

Top 5 Best Portable Solar Generators Reviews

#5 ACOPOWER 12v 50W Portable Solar Charger

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ACOPOWER 12v 50W Portable Solar Charger is simply a superb small friend for those who love to spend their time in the wilds. You can use the power of 2 highly competence solar panels. Undoubtedly, this 50W solar charger is now your best companion while you are away from home. It was made to be easy to use and compact way to work efficiently. In the starting point it may ask you a large investment, but in the long run, opting for a solar energy becomes a great decision.

Nothing can deny that the ACOPOWER 50W solar charger is one of the versatile models on the market. Additionally, all the features of this system can either be used as a kit or solar panel. The kit can alter the 50w power which is stored in a small battery unit in the kit. The kit also made to charge small devices. With equipped with USB ports, it allows charging tablets, phones, and other electric devices.  All these items can nicely fit into the suitcase with style of the solar panel. So, you have everything that needs to get started.

As you know, a solar panel can perform their best in uninterrupted and bright sunlight. You also find that this solar panel absorbs enough energy even on the cloudy day. For this reason, it’s the more dependable option.

Another benefit of using this portable solar panel kit is it’s very easier to store and carry. Even it’s not the lightest panel around rather its very compact in design. Due to this, you don’t face any difficulty to carry it with you whenever you go.

In terms of weather concern, it has been designed to withstand with most environments conditions. Including rain, as this kit has both waterproof and water-resistant quality.

Reason To Buy
  • Can be used to charge electric devices
  • Has waterproof and water-resistant features
  • Versatile and compact
  • Works nicely in a variety of weather
Reason To Avoid
  • Difficult to stand still in a windy situation
  • Some consumers find difficult to understand the written words in the instruction

#4 Wagan EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500

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In recent days, substitute power sources are becoming a necessity for peoples. More and more people now are embracing the products that can help them in an emergency like the fascinating Wagan EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500. It has everything you could ask for a solar generator and enough power sources to help you live comfortably. This solar cube can be used as a reliable source of power backup for homes in emergencies or outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and long trip away etc.

An innovative upgraded design and 1500w output make this solar panel far more powerful than most of the markets. With 2 AC outlets, this solar generator has enough power to power up most electronics and small appliances for a limited period of time including- laptop, television, microwaves, small refrigerators, bulbs, and coffee makers. Plus, it comes with 2 USB ports for your electronic devices like mp3 player, iPhone, iPads etc.

Another standout feature of Wagan EL2546 is that its expandable quality. If you incorporate 16w panel are not deliver enough power for recharging, so you can add more power externally. For those who need more power storage for future use, there is a space for additional battery. This can easily double-up your power storage.

The impressive thing about this generator is once you do the setup it’s instantly ready to go. No requirement of additional assembles which makes it user-friendly to the consumers. Its convenient design means you can simply pop up the handle and wheel, just as you do with the suitcase. The wheels are great for all terrains including outdoor too that makes it very easy to transport. Also, it comes with an additional compartment for any extra accessories you want with you.

In conclusion, its compact design makes it perfect for both home and outside use. If you want a high-performance generator and do not mind adding extra power, then this will probably your choice.

Reason To Buy
  • Ac inverter delivers up to 1500w
  • Great expandable quality
  • A collapsible handle makes it easy to transport
  • Very portable unit
Reason To Avoid
  • Can’t power up large appliances

#3 Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator All-in-one Solar Kit

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Erase the tension of large solar generators that will restrict the portability. The Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator All-in-one Solar Kit is one can meet all your power demands. It has lots of powering and charging options and has unique recharging capabilities. Also, it’s great in a sense that it is lightweight and compact in design. I love to suggest this solar generator for outdoor camping.

The power capacity of Renogy Phoenix is 16A via its Lithium-Ion battery. It has 210watt-hour and can hold up the charge up to 2 months. Designed to fulfilling emergency power demands and light outdoor adventures. Its capable of charging an iPad for 8 times, cell phones for over 20 times, and laptop 5 times.

When it comes to Renogy Phoenix, it’ll offer you lots of charging options. It is featuring a CIG port, AC port, 4 USB ports, and 2 DC ports with one cigarette/car port to securely charge different devices. With these ports, it’s allowing you to securely charge up your devices using 150w pure sine wave inverter power. Additionally to all its charging abilities, Phoenix gave 3w LED lights on the side of the case. The light incorporates with 3 operating modes- Headlight, Dimmed headlight, and flashing. Whit helps of it’s on/off button. You can simply press the cycle via its power modes.

Based on its technical sides, this solar generator does a great job to keep things secure and safe. It has safety technology which ensures the power doesn’t exceed and if it does, its turn off automatically. As a result, it keeps your devices and especially you safe.

In short, Renogy Phoenix is great to use for light purposes where you can easily charge up your electric devices. So, ready to tackle the sun’s energy with this solar panel.

Reason To Buy
  • Extremely portable
  • Versatile and lightweight
  • The 16 Ah Lithium-Ion battery has the capability of the limitless power
  • Suitable for off-grid applications
  • Superb quality construction
Reason To Avoid
  • Charging is bit slow process
  • For some consumers find it semi-fragile

#2 HKYH Solar Panel Power Generator and Lighting Kit

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If you want to use your solar panel to lighten up your home, then this HKYH Solar Panel Power Generator and Lighting Kit will prove as a great choice. Plus, it’s a fantastic example of price and power searching a completely pleasant compromise. For the user who just steps into a solar panel industry, this device is not for them because it’s not fully user-friendly. But this device has included with a handful instruction guide along with many pieces which can help many users on how to handle the operating system. Truly, this device has everything you need to create electricity from sunlight.

The kit is comprised of 3 solar cells and each of this measurement is 36cm long and 23cm wide. This device takes up of space 2.2 feet by 3 feet while it’s folded out and placed in side by side position. So, make sure you have the same kind of available space to use them. Similarly, this solar panel needs triangular legs to attach the device in order to capture the sunlight properly. These panels have a surface of polycrystalline and can delivery 11v of 30w as a trio.

While your phone goes off through outdoor adventure, doesn’t worry at all, as you can take benefits of 5V 2A outlet to power up it. This is a universal outlet meaning it can charge up all devices apart from a phone.

Even this kit is a host of various cords and lights. Consumers will find 4 LED light bulbs in it two is 2 watt and another two is 3 watt. You can use this to lighten up your room by using multiple outlets. Some consumers use it as a basic lighting shed in camping environment and love the quality.

Overall, this solar power generator is all-in-one then, what it lacks in versatility. In concern of reliability in charging unit and bulbs, many users happily take it for camp use.

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Reason To Avoid
  • Includes everything you need to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality construction
  • Fantastic quality lights
  • Great in terms of value
Reason To Avoid
  • A hassle if you want to use it just for lighting

#1 Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit

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Are you searching for a power source for your camping or hunting adventures? Or are you looking for a power backup source for your home? The Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit is an ideal solution for multiple portable power problems. As Goal Zero is one of the leading solar power generator brands, so you can rely on it. The weight of this panel is 39.5 pounds so it might be difficult for backpackers but small enough to fit in the car while you go camping.

This Yeti 400 is designed to deliver rechargeable power for various circumstances. It might include camping, tailgating, hunting, or even needs power backup in your home. When it is able to charge electronics like small fans or TV, it’s surely made for recharging station for such things like tablets, phones, laptops, and cameras.

In case you can’t power up the generator from the sun, you can do so by plugging them into the wall socket. Because it implies an AC inverter which provides frequently cleaner in comparision to what your local company delivers. The handle of the generator is retractable and can easily pop up whenever you need. Also, it can keep nicely in the meantime, so that you will not notice it.

There is 12-volt output socket, 2.1A USB outlets, 80w AC inverter. Simply you can power up the generator in 3 ways– wall socket using the AC inverter, 12v port, or solar. For charge up the generator with a solar option, simply plug in the solar panels to it. And let the panel exposes with the sun about 17 hours, this can fully power up a laptop.

Additionally, the panel comes with a tri-fold 20w Nomad design solar panel so that it can be stand by its own. Also, it can hold up against the rock for getting maximum sunlight. On the edges of this panel have loops which are great for hanging them in a tree or tent.

In conclusion, most of the consumers use it for off-grid adventures or love to store it as a collection of an emergency situation. It’s really a great product and people are just love to use it.

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Reason To Avoid
  • 3 options to power up devices
  • Suitable for laptop, smartphone, TV, tablets etc
  • Excellent start-up a solar generator
  • 3 recharging options– solar panel, 12v socket, AC port,
Reason To Avoid
  • A bit bulky to carry around
  • Not comes with Polymer or Lithium Ion

Buyers Guide- Best Portable Solar Generators

What are the Key Components to Consider While Choosing a Portable Solar Generator?

Some parts can make your solar generator more costly when others can make it more efficient. So in a way or other, choosing a right solar generator is like purchasing a car. You have a list of features with an around price point in your mind, so you have done your research.

Battery Capacity

Battery storage capacity is the major deciding factor when selecting a solar generator. While looking at the battery capacity of a solar generator, make sure you look for watt-hour (wh).

Some generators offer battery which can capable of charging your devices for a weekend camping trip. But if you want something for your power backup supply, you should try something which can withstand with the high voltage appliances. However, not all the solar generator comes with an inbuilt battery. In that case, you need to buy separate batteries for power storage.

Rating of Inverter

Inverter actually performs the job of converting DC power on the solar panels into AC power for plug-in appliances. Rating of the inverter means a number telling you an amount of watts you can pull from the generator at any point in time. Fewer inverter rating is not able to power up your high voltage appliances. So, be watchful to choose the inverter rating.

Charging Time

Sometimes the amount of time a generator needs to charge might be overlooked. So, its need to compare the generator charging time, between the plug-in on the outlet and when it placed on the sunlight.


Most of the solar generator on the market comes with functionality with practicality. Depending on the size, weight, and shape you are intended to where you can use it. For outdoor trips, a generator that is nicely organized but not bulky might be great.

Even some of the best portable solar generators for your outdoor adventure or home use have a decent amount of weight, but had wheels and handle for easy transportation. If you want something very convenient, then look for generators that are light and have portable features.

Additional Features

In a solar generator, there might to some feature don’t need but have useful qualities. Such as some generators have LCD display which makes it handier to monitor the charge of your device and remaining battery of its have.

While some have the feature to connect to the phone apps wirelessly so that it can monitor your device or phone remotely. Also, other allows you to expand your battery power.


Difference between Solar Generator and Fuel Generator

Lots of differences can be seen while we compare solar generator and fuel generator. Through both of them are popular systems in the generator industry. Here are some of the beneficial sides are given of solar generator over fuel.


On average 2 cars with 5 members of a family can deliver 58,109lbs of carbon-dioxide per year. But if you use a solar panel to run your family just use 25% of the time. As a result, you can decrease your household output of CO2 at nearly 6% per year. And shockingly it’s the equivalent of 175 gallons of gas. And the solar panel never releases any toxic gas while operating. So, in a way, it’s completely eco-friendly system.


Minimizes Extra Cost

If you use solar energy only 25% of the time, you can save as much 400$ a year. Only it occurs if you use a solar panel for energy-saving. No matter how much money solar generator cost, it’ll save your money over time. Of course, every person likes the technic of saving money.


Silent Operation

Many adventure grounds have noise regulations, so doing your work effectively use the solar generator. Most gas generators have noise level from 50-85 decibels. Every 10dB is provided 10 times louder noise to the human ear. So, use the solar generator as it’s known as a silent generator.


Convenient Use

Once the generator is nicely installed, it will never ask for 24/7 hours maintenance from you. During the day the sun’s rays power up your battery and at night this powers your electric devices. So, if there is enough sunlight, you don’t need to concern about your solar generator. But in case of gas generator, you need to aware of managing gas, changing oil, and noise level also. It’s not said that gas generator doesn’t have great use. But in many cases, solar generators have many beneficial sides besides fuel.


Significant For Indoor Use

Unlike the gas generator, solar one is very much convenient for indoor use as its not requiring fuel. Also, it’s not delivering any non-toxic fumes, so in that reason; it’s completely safe for indoor use. Another safety feature of it is there are no moving parts inside the solar generator. Also, for backup power source solar generator is more convenient in an outage condition. Even you can easily transport it from one place to another in the warm environment of your own home.

Bottom Line

Honestly, we all love the concept of free electricity from the sun rays. Owning a solar generator, whether for home or travel is a great choice. As we have seen the best portable solar generators for your outdoor adventure or home use above, there’re wide ranges of generators to choose from.

From our review list, our give our first place to the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit.  Compared to the conventional gas generator, it’s extremely quiet to operate. Consumers really show their love for it’s because it’s very portable and the panel can fold nicely.

However, in this Best Portable Solar Generators 2018 Review, we hope we covered all the useful information you might need to make an informed decision.

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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