Best Adjustable Bed Bases In 2020

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Whenever someone says about an adjustable bed, you may think about a hospital where the patients sleep in a bed which can be adjusted according to the need. Because of the convenience, usage of adjustable bed bases at home is increasing. They are designed particularly to adjust the angle of the bed. You can either raise the head portion or the leg portion. However, modern bed bases come with a massage feature, silent alarm, and many more.

But when you want to have the best adaptable bed base, it can be hard for you. There is a wide range of adjustable beds and all products claim that one is the best. To avoid this inconvenience, I am going to share the buying instructions in this article. Moreover, you will get the list of market-leading products which you can order without any hesitation.


How to Choose the Best Adjustable Bed Base?

It is true that adjustable bed bases have a wide range of health benefits. But you will get those benefits only when you have the greatest product at home. Here are the features that you need to consider to pick the right one for your home.


Size: The first thing you need to consider is the size of the bed. Usually, the size varies from small as a twin-size to as large as a king-size. But the size depends on your personal preferences. Let get into the details.

A twin size bed is enough for an adult or children and typically they come in a size of 75×39 inches. However, the size is not ideal for the home. The full size comes in more capacity which fits two adults comfortably. The queen size bed has a standard dimension of 80 x 60 inches and they are ideal for couples. But if you want more space, then the king size is the best and they are often called as a family bed.


The motor of the Bed: the Whole movement of an adjustable bed base happens with a powerful motor. When you will search for products, there would be two options for you. One is the AC motor and the other one is DC motor. AC motor requires to connect to an alternative power source. That means you need to connect to the main electric power line of the home. But DC motor is for direct connection and it is less expensive, however, DC motor doesn’t offer the same reliability as AC motor.


Control of the Bed: There is no point of buying an adjustable bed base unless it has a user-friendly control panel. So, be alert about this feature when ordering a new product. There are two types of controlling available which are wired control and wireless control. In the wired control process, there will be a direct connection with the bed and some buttons. User can control different sections of the bed with those buttons. It is more reliable than the wireless control, however, you won’t like the bulky design.

On the other hand, wireless control doesn’t require any button. User will get a remote control with which everything can be controlled. It is more convenient and easy to use though there may have some issues with other electric signals. In my opinion, you should go for the wireless one.


Material: Check carefully the materials of the bed. It should come with reliable and comfortable materials. Look for the type of fabric. It should be waterproof and resistant to dust mites. For more convenience, the fabric should be washable. Besides this, check the type of the mattress. The most common type of mattresses that use an adjustable bed base is spring mattress, foam mattress, and airbed mattress. Based on your personal preference, pick the right type of mattress to avoid further issues.


List Of Top 5 Adjustable Bed Bases

#5. Lucid LUL300QQAB L300 Adjustable Bed Base Frames

Best Adjustable Bed Bases

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You may have heard several times that adjustable beds come with a higher price. But thanks to LUCID for their L300 adaptable bed which is the best for money. This item comes with durable construction and top features that a user wishes. You can start using the bed just after receiving. It will take a maximum of 5 minutes to install. There is a top grade motor in the bed that ensures perfect motion when setting the angle.

This bed allows the users to set the head incline from 0 to 60 degrees and foot incline from 0 to 45 degrees. It comes with the wireless remote controlling system which is the most convenient way to set the bed at different angles. Users can enjoy the perfect zero gravity with it. People with high blood pressure or chronic back pain will be benefited from this one.


Reason to Buy This
  • 750 lbs. weight capacity to accommodate anyone from thin to heavy
  • Dual adjustment for the couples
  • Programmable memory option to save the favorite position
  • The motor operated quietly and smoothly
  • Easy assemble and doesn’t require expertise
  • Suitable to get rid of snoring


#4. Sealy Reflexion 4 Adjustable Base, Twin XL/Split King

Best Adjustable Bed Bases

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Looking for the best alternative to replace your traditional bed? Then this Sealy Reflexion base would be a wise choice. This item comes with the user-friendly features. This is a reliable bed base that is made in the USA with the top grade materials. It comes in a variety of sizes from where you can pick the accurate one for you. Unlike most of the bed bases, it comes with a DC motor that works perfectly and quietly.

Want to enjoy the real zero gravity? Just set the base in the Zero Gravity Mode. Besides this, there are also Lounge Mode and incline mode. When you have passed a busy day, this bed will give you deep relaxation. The full body massage mode allows you to relax the sore muscles. It provides three massage wave intensities for ultimate relaxation. The best part is, it comes with the wall hugging design that allows the bed to adjust up and down without damaging the wall.

Reasons to Buy this

  • Available in a variety of sizes for the users’ convenience
  • Wired control system with three buttons
  • Powerful and quiet DC motor for smooth operation
  • You can directly set with a standard sized bed frame
  • Durable construction ensures the longevity


#3. iDealBed Reverie 5I Adjustable Bed Base

Best Adjustable Bed Bases

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If you are struggling with chronic back pain or you are seeking for something convenient which will give you relax from the muscle soreness, this Reverie 5 Series Adjustable Bed will be a great choice which comes with the top grade features. You can set the base with any standard adjustable friendly mattresses. Moreover, you don’t have to change the previous bed frame as this item supports most of the common models.

The 3D Wave Massage Technology works in the whole body which provides deep relaxation. Instead of the bulky wired controlling system, it comes with the wireless controlling. No need to get up from the bed when you want to change a mode. It is BlueTooth Smart compatible and you need to purchase the module separately to enjoy the feature.

Reasons to Buy this

  • Backlit wireless remote with three presets
  • Two programmable buttons for users’ convenience
  • Top grade materials for the longevity
  • The anti-snore feature helps the couples
  • Comes with ultra-quiet power Motors
  • 3D wave massage to relax different muscle groups


#2. Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Massage Bed Base

Best Adjustable Bed Bases

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Tired of some ordinary adjustable beds and now looking for the best bed base with all the top features? Then this Classic Brands adjustable bed base is the ideal solution for you which comes with full size. It is suitable for couples. The sleek design with a contemporary feel makes this one of the most popular products. It has 6 leg design which exceeding the usual industry standards of 4. It perfectly works with memory foam and latex mattresses.

To make the controlling useful for the user, it features the wireless controlling. With a single remote, users can control all the features. Moreover, it comes with 2 USB charging ports for your devices. Unlike some so-called zero gravity, it ensures the proper zero gravity feeling for the users. Your body will feel less pressure and will have a sound sleep without snoring.

Reasons to Buy this

  • You can change the upper and lower parts individually
  • It can lift up to 1000lbs of maximum distributed weight
  • Suits with most of the traditional frames
  • Hassle free assemble with a few steps
  • Comes with massage feature to relax the whole body
  • It reduces back pain and enhances blood pressure


#1. Leggett & Platt S-Cape Adjustable Bed Base

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This unit is a premium product that comes with the top features. It provides all the advanced features that users wish in an adjustable bed base. There is a wide range of sizing from where you can pick the desired one. This item is designed for the highest level of personal comfort. It features a powerful DC motor which is mounted on the inside of the bed. This bed base features 12-inch thick foam mattress which is constructed from durable and comfortable memory foam.

Unlike the bulky wired controlling system, it comes with the remote controlling feature which is convenient. You can set everything with a single remote. Besides this, it provides the massage feature for the relaxation. The massage feature is customizable with the remote.

Reasons to Buy this

  • High-density memory foam mattress for comfort
  • Wall hugger feature to avoid damage in the wall
  • Back-lit wireless stand-up remote
  • The total weight capacity is 700 pounds
  • 4-inch Legs with casters for the stability


Final Thought

This best adjustable bed bases buying guide is guaranteed to give you the direction to the best product. You can pick any of the above models according to your need. If you want to go further for other products, simply follow the buying instructions. To avoid any issues, order from the original vendor which will help you to claim the warranty.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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